Actress and mother of 4 Letoya Makhene turns LESBIAN after getting better sex from a woman (PHOTO)


A fear of homophobic reaction made them careful

Former Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene has acted her way into her first lesbian relationship with Joburg businesswoman Lebo Keswa.

Matters love is said to be tricky, history has it that sometimes it takes more than just desire, but bravery to express it, especially in societies where it could be subject to public scrutiny.


In some cases the society seems to act as if it were given the power to judge and approve as to whom one should show love and how.

The love between former Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene, daughter of legendary musician Blondie Makhene and Johannesburg businesswoman Lebo Keswa falls in that category.

Being aware of the matter, they are guarding their lesbian relationship jealously, playing it low and safe from the public eye, who may not approve it, as if they have the right to do so.

Some sections of the society tend to view same sex relationships as inappropriate, but the question still remains who are they to approve or disapprove? Who made them the judges?

Meanwhile, the two lovebirds are deeply in love and are determined to nurture and see it scale new levels.

“My biggest fear was telling my dad and my children that mommy is in love with a woman. I was afraid of hurting them,” Letoya said.

“But as life would have it – they only had good things to say and showed us nothing but love and support. It’s because of my family that I am ready for any negativity that the rest of the world might have towards us,” she added.

She is a strong believer in following the matters of one's own heart and is not apologetic about it.

On the other hand her partner, Keswa, could proudly confirm having found a soulmate, whom she always had feelings for. When the songbird performed at her mom's 99th birthday celebration on 15 February, she took the chance.

Just like Letoya, she too was afraid of the people's reactions and being charged in the street court ‘of justice’. She said they had to make their relationship a secret because they were not ready for any negative comments.

“We have had to be careful about how we handled social media and each other when we went to a few public events. It is because we live in a very homophobic world where being your sexual preference still makes negative news. So, the challenge was the world no

t allowing us to be who we want to be, said Keswa," she said.

She urged the society to accept the notion that people have different sexual orientations.

“People who discriminate against the LGBTQI+ must learn to focus on their lives.

We don’t owe them any explanation for who we are and don’t pay any attention to negativity, we are focusing on ourselves, families and the difference we can make to society,” she added.


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