Sho Madjozi teaches WWE wrestlers how to dance to 'John Cena' (VIDEO]


Halala! Our girl Sho Madjozi continues to fly the flag high with her hit track John Cena being used in a WWE advert.

Sho recently shared a snippet of the advert on Instagram and Mzansi can't deal!

In the video, Sho can be seen watching WWE's Wrestle Mania with her family and suddenly the walls start shaking. To Sho and her family's surprise real-life wrestlers break into the house as they tear it down, scaring the living daylights out of them.


As if they were in a wrestling ring, Sho and her family are then transported to the WWE arena where they get a front-row seat to watch the wrestlers battle it out. But before the wrestlers could start fighting, Sho screams “Haibo”, stopping them immediately as she breaks into her John Cena track.

She told them: “This is how we do things around here.”

Sho then broke into dance and was joined by her family and the WWE wrestlers.

Check out the video below:

Though the video is an advert for WWE, many can't help but express that Sho kept providing the content that they signed up for.

This is not the first time Sho has done something cool with her John Cena hit. Last year November, the star melted the hearts of many, who to this day can't forget her reaction when she met the man she'd been singing about in person while she was performing on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

While speaking about the success of the song that resulted in her dominating international airwaves for many months last year, an excited Sho jumped on stage and started performing her hit song and a few seconds into the track, the real John Cena appeared behind her.

Yoh! Did moghel not lose it?! She screamed for joy and then jumped on John and embraced him with a big hug.


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