DJ Nombewu in quarantine after testing positive for cornavirus

Lunga Nombewu who tested positive for COVID-19

DJ Lunga Nombewu, who owns Baainar Records, is in self-quarantine in his Midrand home after having tested positive for the coronavirus two weeks ago.

The house music producer from Port Elizabeth, who is also in the avionics field, says he travelled to Cuba via France on March 6. “I landed in France on March 7, stayed at the hotel for about 10 hours, then went to Cuba. I was in Cuba for a week, then I took the same trip coming back home.”

He says he can’t pinpoint exactly where he picked up the deadly virus.

“It could’ve been at any of the two airports or the hotels because when we reached Cuba, there were no reported cases, but by the third day they already had three confirmed cases,” said Nombewu.

He didn’t and still hasn’t displayed many of the reported symptoms.

“Yet the lab results were positive, that is what makes this virus dangerous because if I didn’t try to confirm first, I could’ve infected so many people because I’m thinking I’m still healthy.

“What made me restless and want to test was the fact that when I arrived at CDG [Charles de Gaulle] Paris, the duty-free side was all closed. Just a week earlier there was no problem, and now such a huge airport had no shops opened.”

He was tested on March 17 at Lancet Labs in Sandton after being refused a test at its Randburg branch a day before.

“When I arrived in SA on Monday [March 16], I did try to get tested, but I was refused at a Lancet lab because I didn’t have a doctor’s referral form. I tried the GP opposite the lab, and at the reception I was told that they won’t give me a referral since I don’t have any of the symptoms,” said Nombewu.

He says he was careful not to mix with anyone, but is scared he may have infected his immediate family.

“I self-quarantined from the first day when I arrived in SA. We are waiting for the results since my immediate family tested on the same day we received my results,” said the husband and father.

He stressed that he didn’t even go to the shops for essentials and relied on friends and family to do so. He hasn’t taken any medication, except for immune boosters and over-thecounter medication for a runny nose that has now passed.

“I feel fine. Living with corona is like waiting for a big, scary surprise, but so far it’s either I’ve been lucky to have a good immune system or taking the vitamin C and a hot cup of garlic, ginger and lemon has been really good in strengthening my immune system.

“As much as I’m isolating inside the house, it is still a very lonely feeling to not be able to hold my kids or touch my wife. But they are champions, they have made coping with this isolation so much better.

“I meditate whenever I feel like I’m losing it. My family has also been a big part of making me want to fight this and win. I have no doubt that next week my second test will have negative results.”

He said if people cooperate during the lockdown, the numbers of infected will drop.


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