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Doctor's told me I would never have kids, Arthur Mafokate's ex Cici speaks on her miracle pregnancy


Singer Cici (33) whose real name is Busisiwe Thwala is enjoying her best ever life, for some her source of joy may look as something nothing much to write home about, she is expecting her first child.

For some mothers while it is a pleasure to be pregnant, it is also as common as day and night, however, for Cici what makes her baby bump more unique and extraordinary for her is that she never thought she would be a mom.

She is a living testimony to a miracle, she once suffered a broken pelvis and was told that she won't be able to have children. The news broke her heart and saw her living in a world of her own now she feels like any other woman as she keenly awaits to be a mother.

She is even ready to face any complications that may come with her condition.

"Now I suffer from insomnia. I try to go to bed at midnight so at least I can be up at four in the morning which is better," she said.

She likes it in that her pregnancy is not that choosy when it comes to food, she has maintained her usual appetite and hasn't changed much too.

Her baby is a miracle, which came to answer her prayers and hopes of wanting to be a mom one day. Speaking about what name she has in store for the source of her joy, she said; "It will definitely be a name with a meaning, simply because we are not sure whether it is going to happen or not," she told Drum magazine.

For Cici, it seemed impossible after an altercation left her suffering from a broken pelvis, and the doctors confirmed her fears, telling her that she won't be in a position to carry a baby.

As such, naming the baby would be one of the most interesting things for her. "So we are looking at something around that to say it seemed impossible, but now it's possible. It is a blessing from God," she added.

The fact that the baby sits on the pelvis, made the predictions that she won't have a child very certain. She had screws fastened on her pelvis and at one time told a local publication that she may never be able to have children.

She has come to understand that God begins where the human mind ends, doctors are based on probabilities, but God has the final word.

"IT is the affirmation why God is God because he alone knows what the future holds. It is also a reminder to other women that they should never give up on trying to have a baby, regardless of what the medical world says," she said.

She is not short of shoulders to lean on, her parents and the father of the baby whom she said is also in the entertainment sector are her pillars of strength. She loves to keep fit, but the doctors had advised her not to exercise, however, she maintains her fitness by walking around.

"I have never wanted to date someone who is in the public space. For me it is important to protect what you have because it is not everyone who will hear our love story and be happy for me," she said.

She added that because of that reason, she is very protective of the people she cares about and loves. He is her best friend and she loves her man so much and said they are each other's keepers and cheerleaders.

Her mother Thandi Thwala (62) has also been a pillar of strength for her and she stood by her side during the period. "Even before the pregnancy, she used to ask me. "When is this thing going to happen? When are you having a baby?" said Cici whose response was always, when the time is right.

"I think for her it really came from the concern of not having the ability to have kids. That bothered her and I think she started thinking it was never going to happen," said her mom who is ready to become a granny.

Cici video calls her mom every morning and they share some fun.

Cici's year is fully booked, she is working on an album, she is expecting to drop it this August, meanwhile, she can't wait for the double joy. Before the album she is planning to release a track called Inyanga which was motivated by people in distant relationships.

She said the single has been well received, as people cheer to it. Cici added that despite the song being about distant relationships, most people attach it to their kids. With some saying they miss their kids who went to far away universities.

She is also working on a musical production that she will be directing, and she believes it will express the happiness in her. "I feel like I have taken my fans on a journey and now it's like we're turning a new leaf. I want to let them into where I am emotionally and psychologically through my music," she said.

She is always wondering what kind of a mother she is going to be, but she is hoping not to be a delinquent one.

"He (the father of her baby) is going to be intense. However, we always say I am more of a disciplinarian while he is more of a cop. He feels like he will likely spoil than discipline," she said.

Cici cannot wait to meet her child face to face and explain how she feels. "I have on expectation of the kind of human being I want you to be in this world. I simply want you to be great," she wondered.

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