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He had a huge d*ck & it was painful as f*ck; Mihlali Ndamase on the first time she had sex (VIDEO)


Mihlali Ndamase is a social media influencer of note, she has no sacred cows before her as she could speak her mind when she wants to, not even caring how people might classify her for the liberal minded she is.

She recently surprised her fans by discussing a topic which could be one of her most closely guarded secrets which many women would view as a taboo and disgrace, to tell people their first ever sexual encounter.

In a rare case, Mihlali, a well known social media influencer and vlogger, gave her fans a rare treat by opening up in her latest video on her YouTube channel about the sweety sex that claimed her virginity.

"One time I flew to Durban to go visit him and uh it happened. I don't know how or what to say about how I felt. It was really sore, it was painful as f***. Also, this guy was really tall, he was huge, so it was like… big. And I also feel like, during the whole thing there wasn't necessarily any attempt to help me feel comfortable. So it was obvious the experience was very painful, it was excruciating," she said.

The act being her first time ever sexual intercourse, the whole thing seemed to have been an adventure because she didn't know what to expect, or how it feels, with the guy enjoying the rough style as he pleasurably deflower her.

Getting into the relationship he had already made his intention known that for him, it was either she agrees to sex and keep him or close her thighs and lose him, so she had no choice, but suck it up.

"Considering how much I liked the guy I felt that I have to step up because I wanted to keep him around and I was afraid of losing him", she said.

"This is something that will also help me one day when I have kids to have a conversation with my daughter to say 'don't compromise yourself to cater to somebody else's needs.' Not to put herself in a situation where she isn't necessarily comfortable," she added.

Ndamase is always free to express herself, however, she once stirred controversy when she once said the country was not safe and was limiting her choices to wear what she wanted.

“I’m really not comfortable wearing revealing things here. I don’t know why, but when I travel I can wear the shortest shorts, even G-string swimsuits. I’m 10x more comfortable in another country than I am at home. Yikes,” she said at the time.

Watch video below:

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