Cheating Senzo Meyiwa loved sex too much, he wanted to dump Kelly Khumalo after 2 sex rounds


Senzo was warned about dating Kelly, book reveals Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo

THE ghost of Senzo Meyiwa is back.

And thanks to a recent book by Soweto Mandlakazi . . .


Titled 666_9, the biography explores topics like cheating, black magic, the dead ants in Senzo’s cup, evil forces, suicide attempts, love potions, fighting and betrayal.

In the work released by IStru Publishers, Mandisa Meyiwa spills the beans about being married to the Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper.

And in one of the sections of the book, Mandisa admits to being aware of how much singer Kelly Khumalo loved her hubby.

Reads one of the extracts: “I know we have both lost someone we loved deeply but I believe everything happens for a reason. It is okay Kelly, it is going to be okay . . .

. . . He chose me first, put me first and made sure I was happy regardless of the little he had . . .

I have learnt that, as a woman, you can do everything for a man. You can change a season and bring winter in summer, but when he wants to leave you, even if you buy him something more expensive than the Hummer Kelly drove, he will find a reason to leave. . .”

Mandisa also admits to contributing to the failure of her marriage.

“. . . I do not blame her. I am not perfect by a long shot. I admit to my own flaws that aggravated my relationship with Senzo . . . We could have handled things better but I understand that everyone is bitter. When we started with Senzo, we had nothing, and yet when he had everything he wanted Kelly . . . Where I am right now I am happy, peaceful and content after everything I’ve been through.”

The book describes the late Senzo as one of the most humble people and a family man who also loved women. According to the bio, Senzo would from time-to-time have a side chick.

This along with some of his “bad friends” put a strain on his marriage, the book said.

According to Mandisa, Senzo slept with her friend before moving on with Kelly. And when Mandisa found out, she tried to kill herself. In the book, Senzo’s close friend Mthoko Twala said he warned the goalkeeper about getting involved with Kelly.

Read an extract of Mthoko’s sentiments, in part: “I warned him . . . Senzo you’re getting yourself into hot water. You will burn . . . I’m begging you . . . She has a lot of baggage over her, there’s a dark spiritual cloud upon her . . . You are going to be a sacrifice . . .”

This happened after he met the singer at the Feather Awards around 2013. Kelly had performed at the event — and Senzo allegedly couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

The book claims socialite and TV cook, Lucia Mthiyane, played a key role in Senzo hooking up with Kelly. She allegedly gave the footie the singer’s phone numbers.

Meyiwa met Mandisa at Park Station in Johannesburg. It was an arranged relationship. At that time Mandisa was a dancer for a lot of famous kwaito artistes and Senzo was in Grade 12 at Bophelo High School. Kelly only met Senzo between 2013/ 2014 at the Feathers Awards. Kelly performed at this event and from that day Senzo could not keep his eyes off her.

According to the book, Senzo’s parents also tried to stop his relationship with Kelly but failed. In one of the passages in the book, Senzo’s parents took him to a traditional healer, who warned him someone was going to die.

Warned the traditional healer, in a passage of the book: “The ancestors are completely not happy about this . . . if you do not stop this, it will end with a gun. Someone is going to die.”

But Senzo is said to have told his brother, Sfiso: “. . . I’ll hit the cake once or twice and vanish . . .”

And fast-forward to that fateful day when the footie was fatally shot, Mthoko had been with Senzo and Kelly at the singer’s house. After learning what happened, Mandisa rushed to the hospital. Senzo’s . . . eyes were becoming worn out, and then he said, ‘Please do not tell my family what truly happened’.

This took place just before he died.

Soweto said when the need to write Senzo’s book arose, he got the late star’s parents’ permission, authority and blessings.

He said: “Probably, the hardest journey of all the five books I’ve written mainly because of the following: the case, Perhaps, Kelly thought it was one of those many social media attacks on her. People were afraid as they thought my focus was to expose the killers, whereas it was mainly on Senzo’s life.

“While writing the book, I found out that his life was more interesting than its ending. there were threats. But we live and die. I could sleep and not wake up. So why should I be afraid of dying? If you read the book properly, you’ll see why people were afraid.”

The book will be launched in Durban.

Mandisa refused to comment. Her PA, who declined to give her name, told the SunTeam Mandisa was not interested in making comments in the media.

Kelly was not available for comment.

Sfiso said: “I know the truth and don’t want any more delays. As the family, we just want justice to be done. We also believe the book will be of benefit to us.”

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