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AKA wants to quit music, regrets describing Cassper Nyovest's elderly mother's vagina


AKA used his Twitter TL to host an unofficial #Q&AwithAKA, and revealed some never heard before thoughts with his fans about life, music, cars and the main reason he and Cassper were still beefin'.

In what can only be described as random engagement with the Megacy, AKA decided to answer some questions that had been lingering in his fans' heads. It all began when a fan shared an old picture of Cassper and AKA hugging.

AKA made a joke about how he's choking Cass in the pic, and one fan asked him what they were talking about while they were locked in an embrace.

"I was actually congratulating him on filling up the dome. I think this was at the club after the show or whatever," AKA revealed.

More questions followed, including one wanting to know if their beef had begun, as Cassper said, after the Baddest rapper insulted Cassper's mother.

The answer was a resounding "yes". AKA further revealed that he said "Jou ma se p***" to Cassper. He reasoned he did it because he was a "proper c***" back then, and later added that he now regrets it "a lil bit".

In true AKA fashion, the rapper went on to share more information about the claims that have been made about him, including the line in a Cassper song that alludes to his Rolex being fake.

The Mega said around 2013/3/4 his rollie was indeed fake.

"Around I think it was uhmmm …. 2012/13/14 yes …. my Rolex was 100% fugayzi."

The rapper also revealed that he sold his BMW i8 and the BMW X6. He now only has one car, still a BMW, to take him from A to B (uhm no pun intended there).

The mega also made it known that he's apparently swimming in moola and most of it isn't coming from his music. He said he wasn't pressed about releasing an album because money was no longer a motivating factor for him.

"To tell the truth, I’m making a lot of dough selling alcohol so uhm, yah, maybe later this year, who knows. I’m chillin," he said before adding that music no longer excited him as much.

"Yah honestly …. music bores me a bit hey. Need to rediscover some sort of excitement for it again. I’d rather be like … doing sick reviews on Zomato and getting paid for it."


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