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DJ Black Coffee's ex-wife Enhle Mbali speaks on life as a single woman


She’s grateful to put a ‘very, very rough year’ behind her – now Enhle Mbali is ready to make 2020 her own

From nursing a heartbreak to having her husband Black Coffee cheating on her, dumping her then exposing the behind the scene details of ther rocky marriage in a local press, For many women that would have been too much to handle but Enhle Mbali has proved she is a winner.

Apart from an Instagram post in which she revealed her union with DJ Black Coffee was on the rocks, she’s maintained her silence despite him opening up about their split.

She resigned herself into being a good mother to her two sons and turned her focus towards her career. It paid off for the 32 year-old star who has started 2020 on a good note after what she described as being a “very, very, very rough year”.

She’s back in the folds after getting a role in Mzansi Magic’s hit show Isibaya and her fashion line, Essie Apparel, has also been featured in fashion bible Vogue Italia.

However, the talking point in town right now is her landing a coveted part in Netflix’s highly anticipated new spy series, Queen Sono.

“Like my character, I don’t conform to what society says,” Enhle told DRUM magazine. “I’m a thinker and because I’m a thinker, I will often work more than what a woman apparently should.”

She stars as Nova, the sexy girlfriend of William (played by Khathu Ramabulana) who’s the therapist and childhood friend of the show’s lead character, Queen Sono (played by Pearl Thusi).

The prominent actress is very excited about her role in the action-packed spy thriller, the global streaming service’s first African original series.

Enhle, who is on an adventure of self-discovery said; “I turned 30 and something in me just happened. I feel my 30 was a 40.

“I’m so honest it scares me, and Nova took that element of me. I used that growth from myself in her.

“She is very gutsy and ballsy, and she tells it like it is.”

She doesn't mince her words in opening up what transpired between her and Black Coffee (44). The internationally renowned DJ told Mzansi he’d suggested they split via email. He told City Press newspaper he’d proposed “we should separate, and she should find a place to stay with the kids”.

As stated by Black Coffee, they had “tried everything, such as seeing a therapist and a life coach, but nothing worked," Enhle didn’t lash out at this narrative.

Only at one point, she made reference to their home life in an interview with DJ Zinhle about infidelity in her YouTube show, Sincerely Yours Enhle Mbali, and why she opted to remain married to him despite being hurt by his actions.

“I went through two cheating scandals: one was a sex tape, one was just ratchetness.

“I remember in my pain, tears, strength and stillness, there was one day when I thought, ‘Why do I care so much?

‘Why do I want to listen to society say, ‘He’s cheated on you twice, leave?’ What is my heart saying? What is my spirit saying?’

“And my spirit said, ‘You love him, sit your ass down and do what is best for you and your family’,” she said.

Her followers were angered by what Black Coffee had said to City Press, and that he had sent his wife and kids away.

“How fair is it to ask your wife and kids to leave their family home and go rent a place?” one socialmedia user wrote on Twitter.

“Imagine being evicted from your marital home with kids by someone who’s hardly in the country. Why didn’t he move out and find space alone?” another said.

Enhle could not be drawn into revealing much regarding their relationship, saying she wanted to protect the privacy of her children, whose life she regards as of high priority.

She is maintaining a balancing act between a thriving business, an acting career as well as doing the school run. This isn't a walk in the park, but luckily, Enhle banks on the unwavering support of her mother, Bongi Mlotshwa.

“Family is important – the kind of help you have in your house and everyone pulling together for you is extremely important.

“There are days where I’m meant to finish on set at 1pm, but I have to pick the kids up at that time. Then I’ll pick the phone up and say, ‘Ma, can you do it for me?’

“She’s amazing, that woman. I don’t think she knows how amazing she is. And I tell her so often, but I think because I’m her daughter she doesn’t hear it and she needs to hear it more often.

“She’s a cheerleader of note. Her heart is pure,” she said.

She and her mom are very close, when the news of her separation spread last year, Bongi posted a heartwarming tribute to her daughter. “The lady next to me is a Soldier [sic],” she wrote alongside a picture of her and Enhle.

“Very brave intelligent human being. It’s amazing how you raised a woman and you end up admiring their Strength.”

Credit to the long lineage of strong women she hails from, Enhle can face any challenge that comes her way and she seems to have embraced her new status as a single woman.

As part of her dream to conquer the fashion world. Enhle has been invited to a prestigious fashion week later this year.

“I don’t want to rush anything,” she said. “I want to get on the international stage and really blow them away.”

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