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Somizi who told South Africa that Zahara loves beer too much, has learnt not to mess with her


For those of you who missed the commotion of Zahara at popular tshisa nyama, Rands in Cape Town, the singer was simply living her best life. So much so, she was a trending topic on socials.

Zahara was living it up, standing front and center for all to see her jiva in front of a cheering crowd. She wasn't there to perform but she was there to turn up. However, once a video of Zahara grabbing the mic to sing along to the DJs playlist, social media went a bit haywire.

Is this another case of cyberbullying for a woman who is minding her own business? Some of you seem to think so:

Even Somizi jumped into the drama to put a stop to the shenanigans.

Somizi noticed that Zahara is serving up serious goals this year and he's here for it. Taking to his Instagram account, the entertainer gushed about how he loves the woman that the award-winning singer is becoming. He showed support for her and also called on his fans to do the same.

Somizi has reason to admire Zahara, she went through a tough time in 2019 but rose from the ashes in the most splendid and inspiring way. The singer is showing heaps of confidence, motivating her fans to embrace themselves, and her new fashionable appearance has us all in awe.

It appears Somizi has learnt the hard way not to mess up with Zahara, even during lighter moments of laughter. In 2017, Somizi earned himself a hefty lawsuit after joking over Zahara's alcoholic trend.

“i only wish what i heard apon [upon] my return from Swaziland #BushfireFestival this past weekend about what Somizi said at the SAMAS is not true! because if he did i am Suing Somizi and the SAMAs for deformation of character i am tired of this,” (sic).

Perhaps Zahara meant ‘defamation of character, a term that is used to describe when false statement is written or spoken about an individual with the intent of harming or slandering their reputation.

This is the statement that landed Somgaga in hot water, during the South African Music Award ceremony.

“We are almost at the end of the show and there’s an amazing after party, free bar…where is Zahara ( audience roars in laughter). She’s probably at the bar already", he joked.

During his slot on Metro FM breakfast show, this morning Somizi apologised or maybe not: “If she’s offended, askies Zahara! It was only a joke," he said.

His co-presenter DJ Fresh asked if this was an official apology, he said: “No, it’s not an official apology.”

“I will settle out of court,” he continued.

In 2016, Zahara threatened to take legal action against True Love magazine for their misleading headline, which left the singer very unhappy.

The headline read: "Zahara: marriage, drugs and selling records."

The publication, which had a lot of controversy in 2016, left Zahara disappointed and she wanted to sue the magazine for a whooping R3 million.

"I honestly hope this is a sick joke from @truelovemagazine, how dare they put this type of headline on their cover! Why associate me with drugs?!" she wrote on Instagram.

It was later reported that the publication vowed to stand by their cover and would never apologise.

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