We don't care what people think – Dj Zinhle speaks on her love life, marriage and motherhood


She is always thirsty and hungry for success and is determined to see it through, from making music to launching a new business and renewing a relationship, DJ Zinhle told DRUM magazine why the year 2019 has been extra special to her.
Those whose memories do not serve them better, would never recall they had a public break-up few years ago. Her man dropped her for the queen of the Mzansi entertainment scene and she was left to look after a baby and nurse a bruised ego, let alone a heartbreak.

She braved up and carried on on with it – by the way, the evergreen DJ Zinhle, is not a weak person, neither is she a wilting petal.

However, good things, just as true love is expected to be, would always find a way back, and the music-maker and AKA got back together again. But, if she had thought the mind of the diverse public would be kind and happy for her, she would’ve been mistaken and left disappointed.


People quickly took to social media calling Zinhle all sorts of names, from being love ‘stranded’ to an ambassador of forgiveness, but she stood her ground, never letting it get to break her spirit.

Truly, they’ve had their ups and downs, she was hurt; she is not apologetic that they have now found each other again. “We are not hiding the fact we are back together,” Zinhle told the magazine.

“We are at a point in our relationship where we do not care too much about what people think. All we are concerned about is creating an environment that’s great for our child and making sure her childhood is filled with beautiful memories with Mommy and Daddy,” she added.

But people should not be deceived into thinking she took AKA back purely and only for the sake of their child. “The decision to be with the father of my child has nothing to do with my child. If there’s an opportunity to reconcile, and I feel I want it, I will take a chance because I don’t want to question myself four years later,” she told Enhle Mbali in a podcast earlier this year.

She believes only a dead fish goes with the flow, and despite public opinion, Zinhle said she doesn’t regret finding her lost lover's hand again. “We are very comfortable in the relationship. Things are easier this time around and we don’t worry much about people’s opinions.

“Before we were too concerned about how people feel about our relationship, how we’re seen by the public and what we look like etcetera, but we have removed ourselves to focus on our child,” she added.

The lovebirds' social media feeds are flooded with loved-up photographs of them backing each other at gigs and concerts or hanging out with their lovely little princess. In fact, they’re so good at serving # familygoals and have since been christened the first family of Mzansi music.

Zinhle (35) and AKA (31) are happy parents to little but now famous Kairo
Forbes and the sassy four-year-old is the apple of the family.

“Kairo hurt her hand on the jungle gym the other day
and looking at those bruises just hurt me. When she’s ill, I feel it and I constantly want to protect her.

“The other day I watched her eating ice cream and she was just in the moment. She’s taught me to live in the now and not worry too much about tomorrow,” said Zinhle.

Kairo became a social- media star before she was even born. To date, the little girl has above 734 000 followers on Instagram, though Zinhle is not grooming her to follow in her footsteps.

“I’m definitely not grooming her for the industry. She is exposed to showbiz because of her parents. I wonder what she will choose to be one day. Whatever it is, I will make sure I guide her,” she said.

The chemistry between mom and daughter is good, they enjoy spending time at home together childishly rolling around on the floor or on the grass in their backyard.

“Kairo loves being tickled the whole day and when we’re out, she just wants to go pick what she likes at the toy store,” she said.

Zinhle enjoys being a mom, so much, and she also believes in the notion ‘takes a village to raise a child.’ She gives credit to others when due, and admitted that she wouldn’t have been able to balance motherhood, her career and business ventures without the support of her mother, Jabu Jiyane, and AKA’s mom, Lynn Forbes, who help her raise Kairo.

Lynn wants Kairo to be the next Kylie Jenner and the “glammy” runs her Instagram account.

“I am not a single parent. The reason I am able to do what I do is because of the support from my partner, his family, my family and our friends,” she said.

When the publication caught up with the popular DJ and businesswoman at Mugg & Bean in Fourways, Johannesburg. She was flanked with friends Thabiet Amardien and Brandon Reynolds, who along with her BFF Pearl Thusi and pal Nomuzi Mabena, who all play roles in raising Kairo.

“The foundation of all my friendships is trust. I am in very comfortable relationships with my people. I always need to be sure about my place in someone’s life and knowing my friends have my back eases me,” she said.

Zinhle said she get along with people from various diversity, and always find it ease to make friends, but Thabiet and Brandon are possessive and often stop her in her tracks.

“They hate it when I make new friends because they are very protective of me and who I let into my space,” she said.

The year 2019, been a good one, for the DJ, both on the home turf, business, and at work.

She recently spread her wings, into a furniture business and recently released the hit single Umlilo featuring Mvzzle and Rethabile.

“Man, that song just blew up instantly and it’s made me want to release more music in 2020.

“Every year is a good year for me – but this year has been extra special. I went to Italy, Paris, Turkey,
Netherlands, New York, Los Angeles, London, Thailand and Mauritius, and I’m happy.

“Of all my favourite places, New York is still at the top of my list, but I got a lot of work done too,” she said.

She joined hands with a leading jeweller to distribute her watch brand Era by DJ Zinhle, and the classy celebrity has used her nose for detail and luxury to open her own furniture business, Jiyane Atelier, where she plays part in its day to day operations.

Even though business has been good, it was not a stroll in the park to be where she is.

“I have failed a number of times,” she said.

Ten years ago, Zinhle opened a clothing store in Melville, Johannesburg, but was forced to close when she failed to make any money from the venture.

“That business failed so badly because there was no traffic in the location I had chosen.

“Only recently have I been comfortable enough to talk about my failure. I was asked by DJ Fresh what happened to the store and I almost broke down. He drove me to speak about it so others could learn from my experience and I am okay now.

“I understand that failures are meant to teach and not break one down,” she said.

Her new business is doing well, and has 10 employees on its registers. “I don’t count the ones who pay others and freelancers, but I want to do more to help create employment,” she said.

Her sights are far and wide, she eyes growing her business and become the most sought after, in the field of interior design, but she still reserves some time for her first love.

“I will DJ until someone drags me out of the booth. It’s my passion, my core and where everything starts for me,” she said.

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