Pearl Thusi speaks on Bonnie Mbuli beef


While Pearl Thusi and Bonnie Mbuli had exchanged heated words with strong negative undertones on social media a few months ago, Pearl recently revealed that she has no bad feelings whatsoever towards Bonnie, after the two's unfortunate collision course.

“Unless I’m extremely passionate about the topic, for example, the conversation about actors being underpaid, then I can’t be like, no, I’m not getting involved,” Pearl told TshisaLive.

“But I feel like I’m not the type of person who is able to lay down what they think or feel about a certain situation in 140 characters, and to people that have already made up their minds about me or the situation, or people who aren’t ready or willing to listen,” she said.
Pearl added that despite the unfortunate twitter war, she doesn’t harbour any grudge or negative feelings for the former Afternoon Express presenter.


“At this stage, I hardly really think about her, but Bonnie is someone’s mother, she’s probably someone’s girlfriend, someone’s sister, aunt, and no matter what I harbour or feel towards her, I may have to think about those people and the fact that she matters to someone out there.

“For me, that’s the spirit of sisterhood… sisters should always get along, and for me, I think she will always be my bigger sister, no matter how she feels about me. I can only control how I feel about her. Bonnie is an incredibly talented woman. She’s beautiful and us disagreeing doesn’t mean I should hate her. Me being hurt by her doesn’t mean I should hate her… I’m bigger than that,” she said.

Few months ago,, Pearl and Bonnie traded blows in a spicy twitter war over colourism.
After the twar, the two found themselves trending, becoming the talk of Mzansi. This came after Pearl clapped back at a hater, who called her talentless and suggested that she only gets top gigs because she is light skinned.
Her lengthy rant about being discriminated against because of her complexion sparked a massive debate online.
While several celebs spoke on the matter, Bonnie found herself in the spotlight for her remarks, after she posted a message, saying she "almost" sympathised with light-skinned girls going through the most.
She then shared another meme with a more direct message about light-skinned actresses, which many saw as a reference to Pearl's claim that she had lost out on roles to darker-skinned women.

"So when a light-skinned actress complains about the one or two roles they didn’t get because they weren’t dark enough, I’m like but the part your crying about was being the slave who gets raped and beat up in the thing, people who look like you have never had to be in that position to begin with," Bonnie wrote.

Bonnie went on to claim, in a response to a follower, that there were far fewer roles for dark-skinned women, and these were often roles as sufferers, diseased or slaves.

Pearl responded to Bonnie's tweets by asking about her international career and telling Bonnie to stop spreading "negativity".

"You have absolutely no clue which other parts I didn't get, but because it makes you feel better to believe my acting career is working out only because I'm light skinned. And for someone who survived depression and wrote a book about it you sure love spreading negativity," Pearl added.

Pearl challenged Bonnie to call her up directly to speak about the issues she had and offered to get her in touch with her agent for roles beyond what Bonnie said dark-skinned actresses were given. Bonnie responded by claiming that the debate was not about Pearl and the actress should not place herself at the centre of it.

"Enough with the martyrdom Pearl, I was talking about actresses, angaz’ ukhuthi ungenaphi!" she added.
Pearl acknowledged that colourism is real, but said she would not apologise for who she is or be bullied because of it.
"Colourism is real guys. I have dark-skinned family members. I saw it happen in my own home. It sucks. But please don't blame me for it. Help me be part of the solution. I will not let you think my skin tone means I'm a target for your bullying. I will fight back. Count on that," she tweeted. She also slammed actresses who were upset about her getting roles and those who had reduced her to a "nameless 'light-skinned actress'".
She also called out Bonnie for telling a critic to sit down during the debate. Meanwhile, Pearl Thusi's bestie, DJ Zinhle, again defended her friend, while also expressing her concern for how her daughter, Kairo, will be treated because of her light complexion.

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