Prostitute seeks help after juju to make her punani sweeter backfires – 1 round with her lasts 2hrs


A prostitute’s desire to stay competitive has backfired in spectacular fashion after juju she received from a sangoma now makes her punani work overtime.

Speaking to The Daily Sun publication Siphesihle Nkomo (36) went to a sangoma in a desperate bid to ward off competition from younger thigh vendors who were stealing her clients. The Sangoma charged her R2500 for a special ointment she would apply on her punani.

Business started to boom with Nkomo now getting 6 customers a day. Problems started to pop up soon after as none of Siphesihle’s clients would ejaculate after hours of bonking, a scenario that was bad for business.


She now dreads going to work as clients are ‘vandalising’ her punani for hours on end with no end to the session.

On returning to the Sangoma, Siphesihle was told that the juju would wear off in a few months, however, this has not happened and the sangoma who gave Nkomo the muthi is nowhere to be found.

Nkomo is now seeking help from powerful sangomas to lift her curse.

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