Ambitiouz entertainment ‘distances’ Itself from Lady Zamar and Sjava abuse allegations


Lady Zamar has accused musician Sjava of abusing her when the two were an item, and his record label has since distanced itself from the issue.
At one time, Zamar made news after she was given a torrid experience by Twitter users following Sjava’s recent concert at Sun Arena in Pretoria. Sjava's mother embraced a woman in her arms on stage, whom she referred to as Sjava’s wife.
Soon after that, Zamar was tagged in tweets of the picture of the two women by some critics.
In response she took to her Twitter handle in a lengthy thread, explained her side of the story though without mentioning Sjava’s name, she professed ignorance over her former boyfriend's marital status at the time of their dating each other.
In her tweets she claimed that she never knew ‘her ex’ had a wife because he used to deny it and also revealed that she was in an abusive relationship for two years.
Following the accusations, on Tuesday night, Ambitiouz entertainment distanced themselves from the matter, and declined to comment on the allegations.
Ambitiouz entertainment communications manager Thando Gakebodiwe said; “No comment, we’d like to distance ourselves from the private matter.”
Lady Zamar and Sjava made it public that they dated privately for two years, early in 2019 since then details of their relationship have been coming out into the public domain. This included rumours that Sjava could have had been married at the time he was dating Lady Zamar.
In her long thread of tweets, after the tags, the Collide singer alleged that the ex she was with had not been honest with her throughout their relationship.
“You guys are exhausting man… I’ve been saying… Your precious Zulu man is a liar and a cheater.
“Cheers to every person that didn’t believe me when I told them that, that niggas married… coz in your face… mxm y’all are exhausting… now y’all wanna drag me coz I didn’t know?” she tweeted.

She also claimed that in the twenty-four months she spent with him he insulted, and sexually abused her and also lied to her on more than one occasion.
“I was abused verbally, and once sexually and used… I was lied to and cheated on… Did I know, neither did people who knew tell me. … yes some… got inboxes and calls…
“Did I ask? Yes did people I knew know what kind of man he is? Did they protect him?”

She went on to open up that she had to undergo therapy for eight months because she thought she was going crazy. “I started having nightmares and nervous breakdowns it was hell…, my heart would especially every time someone I loved, respected, admired would tell me how amazing he is… I was devastated,” she said.
She then urged trolls to desist from tagging her and mentioning her in any discussions to do with her ex-boyfriend and added that she has moved on with her life and had forgiven him.
“We do not talk and I honestly forgave him because, my gosh, would die if I did not,” she wrote.
Meanwhile, several attempts by DRUM magazine to get a hold of Sjava for a comment before publishing were unfruitful.


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