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I used to sleep In the streets – TNS who Impregnated Tzozo's girlfriend shares painful life story


As a man think, so is he' life is made of a bundle of wishes pursued far enough to become true, meanwhile, if one were to ask TNS (real name Nkazimulo Ngema) for an opinion in that regard, he would answer;

'Yes dreams do come true, however, those dreams that come true are the ones that can be dreamt while one is wide awake.’ TNS's story is that of a person who has come up the success ladder from very humble beginnings.

From zero to hero, or from rags to riches.

In 2018, TNS made headlines after he was featured on Prince Kaybee’s Club Controller and Banomoya. His sweet vocals earned him many hearts and this horned his success story.


“As a young boy I was always dreaming about a career in music and now I can actually be proud of myself because I produced some of the country’s hottest house beats,” he said.

Back then, in 2017, one wouldn’t have thought a dream was in the making, when the Durbanite met Prince Kaybee in his hometown and he played him a beat he’d made.

“I produced the Club Controller beat as an instrumental and played it for him in 2017 at one of the local clubs and he liked it so much,” TNS said.

He vividly remembers the day. “The only pair of sneakers I had were torn and had just been stolen from me at the place I was staying so I was wearing really old flipflops,” he said.

On his role model; “I loved the way Prince Kaybee wasn’t fixated on how much money would come out of it but rather the craft and that he wanted to support me and give me the platform to showcase my talent,” he said.


TNS was very particular on what he wanted to achieve from his musical talent, for him it was not only about money, but also about making a name, making an impact.

“I wanted him to help me get ahead and promote my work. I didn’t make music to sell it to someone else to get rich. I wanted him to make sure it would be a success for both of us,” he said.

Prince Kaybee took him under his armpits, grooming him, and they both made a few chart-topping hits together.


The curse of being poor, was one factor that TNS wanted to break, though it seemed unsurmountable for him, as he often believed there was no way he would move out of poverty.

“I don’t want to be in that situation ever again because it made me feel like my life had no value,” he said.

Driven by his own experience, he is determined to make an impact in somebody else’s life too. He’s working on an initiative to help aspiring musicians.

“Beatmakers would always overcharge and I couldn’t afford it. I don’t want people to find themselves in the same predicament so the initiative will give people studio time at no cost and they can do what they love,” he said.


Though he is a young kid on the block, he has declined to be given junior name tag, as he’s already produced chart-topping hits. Banomoya, which was named song of the year by Ukhozi FM in 2018, is one of his greatest highlights.

“Prince Kaybee added some things to the Banomoya instrumental, put Busiswa on it and the rest is history,” he said.

His album, Madlokovu: King of African House, he has just released is doing well, and he is amazed that it’s presently one of the bestselling albums in the country.

“Someone like me who would sleep in the streets and not have any food to eat still made it in life, so I hope others will be inspired,” he said.

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