Actress Tina Jaxa and Generations Actor Fuzile Mahamba head over heels In love, Set to wed soon


For actors and actresses life can be so trick sometimes, some things are just good to be untrue especially when one is acting a bad character role, but yet still, some acts are painful not to be true, especially when one plays a successful life on TV, that doesn’t translate to real life.

As for Tina Jaxa, what she is set to play on screen, could manifest in her real life. She’s about to star in a new soap about a makoti (daughter-in-law) while in her real life, wedding bells may be sounding soon.
It is an open secret that the actress has been unlucky in love. She had nasty break-up with husband Prosper Mkwaiwa, the move which was well publicised in the media.
In 2015 Prosper died of an undisclosed illness, while legally married to Tina but in a traditional union with musician and socialite Tina Dlangwana.

Now, Tina seems to have found new love in the Generations: The Legacy actor Fuzile Mahamba, whom she had been dating for six months. and if her hunky new man has his way wedding bells may soon ring in real life for Tina Jaxa.

“I’ll never give up on love based on previous love relationships that didn’t work out because I don’t live my life from a point of fear,” she told DRUM magazine.
She believes her marriage to Prosper and everything that’s happened in between, was all meant to prepare her life for something wonderful.
“I see everything I went through as part of what was meant to happen to me. I had to learn to love myself first, wholeheartedly. I know who I am as a person, I believe in God and I’m here today because of good and bad experiences I went through,” she said.
Tina and Fuzile had always kept their relationship a secret until friends leaked a video of the pair cuddling in the bedroom to a tabloid newspaper. However, Tina, hoped the news of the relationship could have had been better handled.
“I understand that I’m an actress and my fans, the media and my work intertwine. My issue is that all stakeholders need to be sensitive about how information is put out because we have kids, families and careers to sustain,” she said.
With nothing to hide now, she advises people to find love with themselves first, so as to appreciate love from others.
She believes for one to find Mr/Mrs Right, it should all start with oneself, “You are who you’re looking for,” she put it simply.
Meanwhile, she has been on self renewal, earlier this year the actress told DRUM: “I was on a spiritual journey to self-actualisation, I hadn’t touched alcohol, meat or dairy products for two months,” she said.
She’s now a new being and the person who has helped her find inner happiness is her spiritual teacher, Swami Vishwaparanthapananda (Making magic together, 7 March).
Recently, she wrote online that her Swami was going overseas but Tina wore a ring to remind her of his teachings. Her spiritual teacher has made her to re-shape her mind-set. “When you change how you look at things, a lot of things start making sense and you have a positive mind shift.
“I’ve had it hard because I refused to learn some lessons the easy way, so most of my life lessons, such as self-love, were learnt the hard way,” she said.
The hard lessons, as she put it, made her battle-hardened.
“I’m highly resilient and I don’t give up easily. My dad was a warrior in a sense – he used to tell me if a man says something to me, I need to rephrase the question and ask him to repeat himself.
“I didn’t know what he meant back then but now I know he was teaching me never to be taken advantage of and to stand up for myself in every situation, especially in love,” said Tina.
She’s learnt self esteem, and her new man values her too. “Tina is a strong woman who’s ready to take a bullet for her loved ones,” Fuzile told DRUM.
“She’s loving and knows how to keep her family warm. I love and respect her, and I know that she does too. We’re like friends who share everything together.
“Our relationship has become pretty serious but, we’re currently taking things one step at a time and putting God first”, Fuzile added.
Fuzile also had praises for her; “She has all the qualities I need in a woman and, God willing, I would like to spend the rest of my life with her.”
According to reports, Tina met Fuzile (40) at OR International airport after she had dropped her ID. Fuzile picked it up and tapped her on the shoulder to return it. Later, when the two actors happened to share neighbouring seats on the same flight, they started talking to each other.
“At first I wasn’t sure because I wasn’t really into masculine guys with a big moustache,” Tina told Sowetan Live. “I saw him as a fan who was just starstruck but he kept on pressing until I gave in.”
Tina isn’t in a rush to walk down the aisle. She doesn’t base her happiness on an event, marital status or a feeling.
“We are quick to react and label our partners’ behaviours as inconsiderate, without turning the situation and looking at it from their perspective. We tend to have unrealistic expectations of our partners and forget that we are mirroring each other, through good and bad personality traits, while trying to find our own rhythms,” she said.
The two are letting divine to chat their destiny.
“It the train is moving, let it move; if it stops, let it stop,” she said laughing.
The liberally minded actress has always done things her own way;
“I live my life with no regret and judgement and believe that whatever happens is meant to be,” Tina said.
“I’ve experienced expensive learning curves because some of my life lessons I had to learn over and over again until I got the lesson. I believe there’s no right or wrong in how one lives their life, just consequences to our actions and the decisions we make.”

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