EXCLUSIVE: Mshoza's marriage of 6 months breaks up permanently – I have already replaced Thuthukani Mvula with my boyfriend


SHE made a mistake by marrying him. She ignored the warning signs – she doesn’t believe he’s divorced his first wife as promised, his family spurned her and she says he’s been cheating on her with a string of side chicks since the start of their marriage.

Nomasonto “Mshoza” Maswanganyi claims she often tried to leave her husband of six months but “he’d soften me up and promise things will get better”.

Yet when Thuthukani Mvula (39) allegedly assaulted her with a gun, the kwaito star knew she needed to get out.

Mshoza’s second marriage has been marred with allegations of extra-marital affairs and violence. Things have gotten so bad she’s been forced to postpone her national tour because her publicist says she “fears for her life”.

When Mshoza shared news of her traditional wedding with DRUM in November, she said she hoped to find her happily ever after with the man she lovingly called her “gentle giant”.

Now she paints a very different picture of her estranged husband. “That man never loved me,” Mshoza says. “He wanted to be married to Mshoza for the fame. He loves the fact all the girls want him because he’s Mshoza’s husband.”

She hasn’t seen him in weeks – she’s in hiding she tells us in an exclusive interview. Police say she’s not in their protective custody, yet Mshoza won’t disclose her location and says she’s afraid to return to her marital home out of fear Thuthukani will hurt her.

In a fit of rage the Kwa-Zulu-Natal-based businessman recently took to Facebook and accused his wife of cheating on him.

“Ngakutshela ngathi uzothi uyafeba ngikubambe bese ngikushaya nge red card. Bengilukhu ngikubuka nje ukuthi sewudlala ama offside futhi uyanginkatsha (I told you if I caught you cheating, I’d give you a red card. I’ve been watching you and have seen you’ve been playing on the offside),” he ranted in the post which has since been deleted.

Later that evening Thuthukani posted shocking pictures of Mshoza’s designer clothes, handbags and wigs going up in flames in a huge bonfire he’d made on his Bergville property. “Zenziwa nje izimpahla zikanondindwa (This is what you do with a sl**’s clothes),” he captioned the post.

Mshoza (35) insists she’s fallen in love with Tlhabe Mbhele (37), a police detective. He’s shown her what love is, she says, and she now wants to terminate her traditional marriage. “I’m not cheating – I’m in love and I’m moving on.”

MSHOZA met her new man in late January when she was arrested for speeding. “I needed bail and I called Thuthukani. He switched his phone off and went to bed,” Mshoza claims. She says she called a lawyer, only identified as Advocate Tsotetsi, who eventually paid her bail. Mshoza says Thuthukani has her phones so she can’t recall her lawyer’s full name or number so we can verify her claims with him.

She had to make regular court appearances as a result of further legal action related to the charges, she says – and that’s where she met her new man.

The singer caught the eye of Tlhabe, the detective handling her case, and he brought her lunch during the long hours there. “We talked and we became friends,” Mshoza tells us. The detective became her support system, she says, and even though he initially told her he doesn’t mix business and pleasure, they started dating in March. “He’s respectful, forever smiling and I felt safe and protected with him.”

Meeting him made her realise she was trapped in a loveless marriage. She claims she could no longer put up with her husband’s other partners. “When I asked him about his many girlfriends he told me a wife’s job is to build a home,” she claims. She didn’t sign up to be in a relationship where her husband has more than one woman, she adds. “I told him for months now I want to leave him. I can’t trust him.”

Then why did she tell DRUM he was “the man of my dreams” when we interviewed her in April, we ask? “I protected him for too long, compromising my happiness,” she says.

THEIR marriage took more strain following family drama. DRUM recently reported Mshoza’s mother-in-law, Lindiwe “MaKhoza” Mvula, moved out of the family home- stead in April because she was fed up with her new daughter- inlaw’s extravagant and untraditional ways (She must not test me, 26 April).

Mshoza was accused by Thuthukani’s family of spending his money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, says Thuli Mcanyana (45), Mshoza’s business associate and friend of two years.

She says Mshoza is a modern woman and not one for rural areas, but Mshoza “tried her best to fit in with his family”. Mshoza was hospitalised in December for diabetes and an operation, the nature of which she won’t disclose.

In spite of her hospitalisation, Thuli says Mshoza wanted the family to have a special Christmas. She asked Thuli to buy a tree and planned the entire lunch with roasts and puddings, as well as gifts for every member of the family – including her mother-in-law. “I organised a truck to take the goods from Joburg to Bergville,” Thuli says. “Nomasonto wanted to impress her mom-in-law and have a better relationship with her.” She claims her friend spent about R35 000 to make the holiday truly special for them.

This, says Thuli, is “definitely not the actions of some gold-digger who doesn’t care”.

But things didn’t work out and Mshoza packed her bags in January. Yet she didn’t leave. “He told me I’m not going anywhere,” Mshoza says. “He showed me a spot in his house and said if I leave him, he’d dig up the tiles, dig my grave and bury me right there – no one would know.”

SHE got tired of living in fear. “I have my own money and I found a house.” While she was making plans to secretly leave, Thuthukani was “busy investigating who was making me happy since he wasn’t”.

He flew into a jealous rage about three weeks ago, Mshoza says, and allegedly assaulted her outside a friend’s house in the Free State. She was on her way from Joburg to Bergville when she made a detour to visit her pal, Keke Malakwane.

Thuthukani attacked her at the front gate of Keke’s house, Mshoza says, and hijacked her car but Keke says she didn’t see anything related to the attack.

“Thuthukani grabbed me out of the car and hit me over the head with his gun,” Mshoza says.

She was left stranded outside her friend’s gate dressed in Dolce & Gabbana pants, a short-sleeved blue top and Gucci slip-ons. She got help from friends and opened a case at Phuthaditjhaba Police Station.

Sergeant Mmako Mophiring, spokesman for Phuthaditjhaba cluster in the eastern Free State, confirms Thuthukani appeared in court on 14 May on charges relating to pointing a firearm, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and intimidation. He was released on R5 000 bail and is expected to appear in court again on 28 May.

It’s not the first time Mshoza has allegedly been beaten at the hands of a lover. She was locked up in a room for a week after an ex accused her of cheating on him (‘He almost killed me’, 19 May 2016). The unnamed ex allegedly brutally punched and pummelled Mshoza until she lost consciousness.

She later posted shocking pictures of herself with a blue eye, purple and blue bruises across her shoulder, and a cut on her breast. It was a low point in her life and Mshoza met Thuthukani soon after the vicious attack.

She hasn’t seen him since his alleged assault on her but she’s been trying to get him to send the rest of her belongings. “He has my phone, he’s talking to my business associates and he’s ruining things.”

SHE misses her kids. “They’re receiving counselling and are with their father,” she says. The children’s father, businessman Jacob Mnisi, fetched the pair from their stepfather’s house in May after he received a call from Thuthukani. “He was very angry when I spoke to him,” Jacob says.

Thuthukani told Jacob that Mshoza cheated on him and he didn’t want their marital problems to affect the children. “I respect that guy, he’s down to earth and him putting the children first meant a lot,” Jacob says.

He found out about Thuthukani in December last year when Mshoza called him to say she and the kids would be living with Thuthukani, but Jacob says he knew her marriage wouldn’t last.

He knows first-hand how it feels to be betrayed. “I feel sorry for the guy.”

Jacob says Mshoza cheated on him with a guy he considered his son “in my own house, under my nose” but this, he says, doesn’t justify hitting a woman.

“I’ve been single and afraid of being hurt by a woman since 2010 – imagine eight years of being single because one person broke me.”

He gave Mshoza a life of privilege he says – “she even changed her skin colour” – but Jacob now prefers to stay far away from his ex. “I’m even afraid to look at her because she’s unstable. That woman needs prayer.”

Mshoza doesn’t care what Jacob thinks. “They can call me whatever they want, a serial cheater even, I don’t care. Jacob and Thuthu are the same.

“If a relationship isn’t working out I will move on to find my happiness somewhere else and I won’t apologise for living my life.”

SHE’S disappointed Thuthukani is out on bail, Mshoza says. The Daily Sun reports the businessman, who denies owning a gun, has sought the help of a prophet to assist him in finding peace following the breakdown of his marriage.

He’d suspected Mshoza was involved with another man since February, Thuthukani tells DRUM. “Indoda ayikhali (A man doesn’t cry). I cried yesterday. I’m okay now. I’ve known about Mshoza’s relationship with Tlhabe Mbhele since February, but I didn’t have enough evidence to do anything about it.”

He does admit to following Mshoza to QwaQwa in the Free State where he thought she’d secretly meet her boyfriend. “The guy knows me,” he says of Tlhabe. “She’s been telling him she’ll leave me and be with him so I’m allowing her to, after everything I did for her.”

Thuthukani says he spent more than R1 million on Mshoza’s music career. “Burning her clothes was nothing. Her detective must buy her new clothes and new panties.”

But Mshoza says she’s a self-made woman – and it’s Thuthukani who’s been squandering her money. “He told me he’d invest the inheritance I got from my mom in Bitcoin. A month later he told me the money was gone,” she claims.

She won’t divulge the amount as she says her family wasn’t aware she’d given him the money. “He never bought me anything, not even a panty,” she continues. “He’s never bought a Gucci, he’s never been to Louis Vuitton. He’s got my furniture – appliances, three plasma TVs, dining and lounge suits – in his house, still wrapped.”

At the time of going to print Thuthukani was unreachable for more comment on his wife’s claims of him cheating on her and the rest of her allegations. Her estranged husband also didn’t invest any money in her music career, she says.

“We own a music label together, Fresh Money Family. He owns 50{1f0bb132e08ca1f8565add86e1f8740171c75f84ed80bad4a750114913f392ef} after he spent money on music equipment and signing local artists from Bergville. But I don’t care about all of that. I’m trying to find my way out of the mess.”

For now she plans to focus in rebuilding her career, and her family. “I just want my life back.” Tlhabe Mbhele refused to comment despite initially saying he would.

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