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Bontle Modiselle made the first move and asked Priddy Ugly out, They have been together for 10 years


Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly chat about their love, growing their family and their new collab album…

South African rapper Priddy Ugly and his television personality girlfriend Bontle Modiselle, are expecting their first child, coming as a surprise for them, after noticing the pregnancy only after 10 weeks.

Having had waited for her man to make a move, Bontle went against the tide and proposed to him, after 10 years of dating, the two are happily expecting the first fruit of their love.

They recently opened up their bundle of joy to DRUM at the Indaba Hotel Spa and Conference Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Bontle (28) though could not specify how far she is into her pregnancy, she feels better than ever before, she has been on social media posting videos of herself dancing while showing off her bump.

“I love being pregnant, I love the state. This is the best shape I’ve been in my life even though I’m a fitness girl.

“It’s the best I’ve ever looked and it’s the best I’ve ever felt,” she said.

And Priddy (27) is always at her arms reach, he can’t keep his eyes off her, even through blinking.

“She’s going to be amazing, I tell her every day.

“She’s sweet, she’s loving and caring. She’s so nurturing to her siblings and our friends; to the extent that our friends call us ‘the parents’,” he said.

Bontle on the other hand, is convinced that her bae will be the father every child deserves.

“You want to have the type of father who’ll hear you out, who sees you as the individual you are. He’s incredibly loving, so deeply respectful, even to those who don’t deserve it.

“He’s forthright, kind and an attentive listener, so I know he’ll hear our baby out. He reminds me of my dad in the way he carries himself. My family often say that the aura around him reminds them of my late father,” she said.

She is not only loved by him alone, but his family too; Priddy’s mom is crazy about Bontle. The two hang out when the rapper is out of town.

For them, starting a family was prayer for some time, and they are happy that finally the dream would come true. “Over the past 10 years I’d wake up in the morning, look at Bontle and I’d be like, ‘Hey, you look like my daughter.

“I’d look at her and see a smaller version of her,” he said.

Though the expecting couple know their baby’s gender, they will disclose it only at their gender reveal party. When it comes to naming the child, the two will honour their true African identity, by giving the child an African name.

The couple met 13 years ago when they were both working as dancers. Priddy said Bontle, came into his life at a time he needed a shoulder to lean on the most, after having had lost his then girlfriend.

“A long-time girlfriend of mine had recently passed, so I was dealing with that at the time and she helped me through it.

“Bontle was special from the word go. She was nothing like the other girls I knew. She had an organic natural beauty without braids, makeup or fancy clothes,” he added.

They started more of just friends, as they both continued to date other people.

“I never thought he could like me like that. He respected our friendship and me as a person so much I never felt like he wanted more,” Bontle said.

Priddy admitted that he was too shy to make a move; “I had igwababa (a fear of speaking to girls).”

They were close friends for two years before Bontle decided not to suppress her feelings any longer. “I’d gone to Holland for my birthday that year, looking lovingly at Priddy.

“I came back and I was like, ‘Listen, I want to be your girl. What are you going to do about this?’ And here we are,” she said.

With more celeb marriages ending these days, Priddy attributes their marriage's longevity to honesty.

“Communication is number one. Because we’re the best of friends, we speak about everything and anything. From the guys who hit on her because they like her to the girl I met at the club who told me she fancies me, I tell her about that. That’s one thing a lot of couples don’t do. There are certain boundaries, topics and subjects that are no-go areas – that’s never been the case for us,” he added.

Bontle agreed; “We’ve had to build it (honesty) throughout the years. There have been things I wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable telling him, but I’ve had to build the confidence to tell him.

“We’ve both come to a place where we can say, ‘Look, it won’t always be nice to hear, but it’s necessary for us to share with each other.’”

The two lovebirds support each other in the home and out, they recently joined professional hands too, and release their first album together under the name Rick Jade.

“His birth name is Ricardo and my second name is JadeLee. Hence the name,” said Bontle.

Their second album, titled D.N.A. (Da New Africa), has been coming on since last year. “It all started with me telling him about my dreams, ideas and a sense of a musical thing I just kept having.

“It was something that I wanted to fulfil but did little to pursue. Knowing my dreams and actively trying to help me get there, he just pushed me into the deep and told me this is what we’re going to do.”

Bontle and Priddy share everything, from their fears to their biggest dreams, including starting a family.

“I proposed in 2015 and in February last year our families met and I paid lobola for her. We just haven’t done the formal ceremony yet,” Priddy added.

The pair are excited to be planning their big day and are working to get finances together first. The day would be great for them, as they would also be cherishing the coming of their little one.

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