Newly engaged couple Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala speak on their wedding


Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala who recently made their engagement known to the public via on social media, has now opened up regarding their plans together.

In an exclusive interview with DRUM magazine, Moshe (27) and Phelo (28) relieved their romantic engagement described it as marvellous. They both admire each other’s personal traits and attributes.
“I admire so much of his strength and all the things I’m not.

“He’s organised, and stronger than I’ll ever be. I also love that when he isn’t strong, he can express himself and quickly gets back up,” Phelo once said regarding his fiancée Moshe, who in turn believes they both balance each other out.

“We sometimes fight but I love how we talk about everything, and Phelo’s willingness to accept when he is wrong,” he once remarked.

Moshe is proud of Phelo who exhibited bravery the day he went down on one knee as he issued out his proposal plea. In turn, Moshe wants to give it his best shot.
“I sucked at the admin and planning anything, but I wanted the engagement to be perfect,” Moshe said.
Having had sought the approval of both families, Phelo set the date for 1 September. “I know how much he loves spring and it symbolises a new chapter for us.

“I’d already envisioned the kind of ring Moshe would love. But when I arrived at the store, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and it took me a long time to finally decide on what to get him,” he said.

The long search was not in vain, he seemed to have found the perfect choice for Moshe.

“I really didn’t see this coming,” Moshe said in admiration of Phelo's ring choice decorated with diamonds.
Just before the proposal Moshe admitted that Phelo acted strange and awkward.
“He was distant and would make strange comments like, ‘ I’m being weird, I know, but you’ll get it diamond. His unusual behaviour led to a disagreement in which doors were banged.
“He came home late the Friday before he proposed, and I was super upset. Later, I found out it was because he was meeting with his planning committee.”
This irritated Moshe little did he know what his fiancée had in store for him.

The morning that followed he met with a few friends to give Phelo some space. After celebrating Spring Day with his family over a braai they linked up.

Moshe was told to meet his fiancée Phelo at Northcliff Hill, a wrong location, only made worse by that he arrived 45 minutes late. All that disappointment was forgotten when Moshe got to know what Phelo had planned including the resultant proposal. “It was very romantic – a blanket and a cute picnic basket,” he said.
This set the tone out for great things to come for the two lovers.

The proposal came as both a surprise and peace of mind enabler because Moshe had had a terrible morning, after someone had erroneously deposited R450 000 in his account and which he had to make logistics to send back.
For him, it was a happy ending to a day that had started badly.

Life’s too short to not be with the one you love, they could sum it up. And their families are offering support in solidarity with the two lovers.
As evidenced by some comments from a young brother to Phelo.

“Blessed to have spent some quality time with my brother @PheloBala the past few weeks,” his young brother Loyiso wrote; “As I said to him, ‘I’m in no position to judge you but to love you and to always point you to Christ. Your relationship with Him will define your life’s purpose’.”

Phelo told DRUM that his brother's post was taken out of context and therefore stirred a debate from critics.

The onslaught by critics taught them not to try to please anyone but themselves; as put by Phelo, “our relationship is not for anyone else but us. Our families love us, and they love each other.”

As if an icing on their cake; their mothers have been nominated for the best rainbow parenting award at the upcoming Feather Awards, which Moshe will emcee.
Meanwhile, things seem to be working their way, both individually and as a couple, Phelo has begun writing new music and plans to record and release it next year.
The two are not in a hurry to marry; “We’re planning on growing our family,” Moshe said.
They are planning everything to their liking and are likely going to adopt a child; “We want proper planning, so we don’t bring a child into the world without being prepared financially and emotionally,” added.
They will be engaging their families to find out what they need for their traditional wedding, and Moshe said he had already sought the services celebrity wedding planner Precious the Planner.

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