DJ Fresh's Ex-Girlfriend exposes his secrets – He took photos of nak3d underage girls


It doesn’t rain, but pours for the 947 drive time presenter DJ Fresh who is facing serious
allegations from his ex-girlfriend, he recently took to Instagram to share a video titled ‘part 1’
on Monday.
He promised his followers that he will be addressing the “serious and spurious allegations”
including comments made by an ex-girlfriend.

“There has have been pot-shots indirectly directed at me by an ex. This has probably been
consistent for the last 17, 18 years, where stuff is said by said ex,” he said in the video.
The 46-year-old DJ added that he has all along been silent when the ex-girlfriend talked about
their past relationship but has she has gone to far, he can’t keep quiet anymore.
“it’s time this one-sided narrative stops being the only narrative.”
Fresh assured his fans that a full account will be released shortly – by Tuesday at the latest,
explaining his side of the story.
“Shout-out to everyone who has been supporting me through this crazy time. Yes, at times it
hasn’t been easy. I guess we have to bob and weave during all our trials and tribulations but
yeah a statement is loading,” he said.
He did no name the ex or the nature of the allegations he would be addressing.
His video came just a day after former girlfriend Penny Lebyane shared some shocking details
about her “toxic” relationship with an ex.
She too, did not name her ex-boyfriend, and some people are already speculating, connecting the dots.

Penny claimed her ex of having unbecoming relationships with young girls, she shared graphic
images about some of the alleged incidents.

“I will never forget,” Penny wrote on Twitter.\

One Twitter user quizzed her why she kept quiet all this time only to speak now, but Penny
responded that she had been called names in the past for trying to speak up.
“I have never been quite, l was just not as graphic and detailed about it cos any other time I
said something I was labelled or called names.
“Not everyone understands trauma and the process involved to get to healing from a toxic
person. U deal with shame, you blame yourself, ' she responded.

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