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You don't give a f*ck about women – Boity Thulo blasts SA Government


The past 48 hours have been some of the darkest the country has seen this year. After a slew of incidents including rape, murder, kidnapping and more have come to light where women and children continue to be violated by men, the country has had enough. Many men and women have spoken out about the sheer terror they feel as part of the South African society and are calling for change. As a result, the South African government made a statement on Twitter – but Boity sees right through them.

In the statement, the South African government says that “Govt joins SA in the anger against the abuse of #UyineneMrwetyana. Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights, and we are calling on law enforcement agencies to ensure the wheels of justice are turned in this case. It is worrying that violence, rape and abuse seem to have become so common and govt is sounding the clarion call to all SAfricans to fight this deeply-rooted scourge. Govt is also calling on men to lead the change we want to see in our society. The voices of men are critical in the fight against violence and abuse as they have the power to put an end to abuse, assault, rape and domestic violence against women and children.”

However, Boity says action is needed now. “All of you Government SA do not give a f***k about the women of the country. Nothing,” she tweeted. “We are dying daily and it continues because men have been shown and know very well that our government supports and protects rapists, abusers, and murderers”.

However, Boity wasn’t the only media personality to speak out. Anele Mdoda added that “We made so much noise about how our parliament now boasts 50% women. Let’s see how that helps the most endangered group in the world, South African women. I’m tired. I’m sad. Really I am just waiting to die. We aren’t living… we are tense and just waiting our turn to die,” Anele expressed.

Meanwhile, Hulisane Ravele used her voice to appeal directly to South African president Cyril Ramaphosa. “Women and children are kidnapped. Women and children are raped. Women and children are beaten. Women and children are killed. Every day. Mr President Cyril Ramaphosa this is a crisis. We do not need PR responses, we need a serious plan backed by action,” she tweeted.


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