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Lady Zamar shares her pain after learning Babes Wodumo said Her Vag1na Is worn out from too much sex


Being mocked, or made fun of, can be so frustrating and always leaves sour taste, this is how Lady Zamar felt after a video in which Babes Wodumo insulted her went viral.

Zamar, as unhappy as she was, is however determined not to let the unfortunate incident shield her shining light, and is looking forward with her career with no regrets at all.
Babes stirred controversy recently when she was captured on camera pocking fun at the singer’s acne and calling her a ‘sfeba’ (b***h) while she was watching an episode of Idols South Africa. She was a visiting judge on the singing competition.

At first, Wodumo distanced herself from the voice speaking in the video and she alleged she had been cyber hacked.

However, social media followers did not take the matter lightly, they rejected her version of the story, and quizzed her how the hacker had an identical voice with hers.

Wodumo succumbed to the pressure and finally confessed it was her, and she apologised.
Lady Zamar told DRUM magazine that she was depressed and taken aback by Babes’ comments.
“I was horrified, how could she be so cruel, to invest so much time and efforts just to be just a mean person? I couldn’t believe it,” she said.
Zamar added that she had to do some background checks on some of the demeaning things that Babes said.
“I didn’t even know the meaning of the names she called me, but I eventually learned that one of them is a b***h who goes around sleeping with different men to the point where her vagina is worn out,” she said.

The ‘Wololo’ and ‘This Is Love' hitmaker also rejected the reports by Babes’ sister Ndumiso Simelane that the two had both called her to apologise.
She said; “None of them reached out to me, nobody called me to apologise, they don’t even have my number, so that’s a lie. Babes Wodumo’s sister is a liar.”

Apparently, Lady Zamar is ready to forgive, and to her, it is now water under the bridge. She is not keeping any grudges and she is not even expecting an apology either.

“I don’t know why she doesn’t like me, and I honestly don’t care. I’m going to avoid her as I’ve always done – what she said might have hurt me, but it doesn’t define me, we get up and do better things, choose to be better people.

“If more people cared about being good people, the world would be such a better place,” she told Drum.

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