Countless Zulu married men fight for Skolopad, 2 even beg her father to help them have s_ex with her


Soon after Skolopad announced that she wanted to date married men her father received two requests from married men showing interest in dating her. The men are said to have asked Skolopad's dad to help them so that they can have se_x with Skolopad.

If you think that Skolopad is crazy and doesn't care about what other people think, you are right!

But more than that, Skolopad explained that she had no intentions of snatching people's husbands.

"All I was saying was, because of my situation, it would be better if I dated men who didn't have certain expectations from me. Like, if I dated married men, then they would make me happy and I would make them happy but they would have their wives to fill in where I can't."

Besides, Skolopad already knew that KZN men would hear her cry.

"All my KZN men are already showing interest. You know, the Zulu men love polygamy so some of them went to my father and told him they would be interested in marrying me. I told him to ask them if they have money and if they're sure they have wives. I won't ever be a wife to them even if they married me, I'll always be the official side."

Skolopad is well aware that she's asking for partial commitment and a lot of benefits but she thinks it can work if executed by the right people.

"All I want is to be treated like the queen I am. I know what I want and I want a man who also knows what he wants. So I don't want the baggage that comes with being a wife, you know the 'for better and worse' women. I won't have to build a home or be stressed that I can't have kids, so I will happily be an official side chick"

And because, she is Skolopad, she went on to quote a scripture because whether people agree with her or not, she believes God does.

When the time comes, seven women will grab hold of one man and say, "We can feed and clothe ourselves but please let us say you are our husband, so that we won't have to endure the shame of being unmarried. – Isaiah 4 verse 1.

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