My punani was too loose, it's now tight, Ntobeko can now enjoy having sex with me: Zodwa Wabantu


She went down on her knees, asked Ntobeko Linda to marry her, Zodwa Wabantu did not end there; she went as far as paying lobola to Ntobeko's family, and recently she had her vagina tightened so that he can enjoy sweet sex with her.

By the time the wedding bells were supposed have sounded, news broke out the big event had been called off and that the couple had broken up, all because of fame.

In as much as, their relationship, has been up and down like a yoyo, the couple's romantic relationship has not broken up totally, although she now wants part of the money back.


“He didn’t cheat on me, he didn’t do anything wrong. We just decided to call it off. Everything just became too much for us. The fame, the bookings, hardly spending time together because I am always traveling and on the road,” Zodwa told DRUM magazine.

Despite calling off the much anticipated and talked about wedding, the couple is still much in love. They blame the break up on the media attention, which put their affairs on the spotlight, thereby exerting too much pressure on them.

Ntobeko is a bank teller and they both have demanding work schedules, that had been forcing them to spend more time not together, but separately. To make matters even worse for them, the little time they spend together is always interrupted by fans because of fame.

“That made us fight a lot. When we were together at a restaurant or out drinking, people would want to take pictures and that annoyed him sometimes,” she added.

Such pressures resulted in a short break-up but they quickly found common ground. Their love is just as strong as before, the calling off the wedding only gave them time to start afresh, on a clean slate.

And she is pulling down all stops to make sure they both enjoy. When they broke up it took a toll on Zodwa she went as far as engaging in a drinking spree, in an attempt to ease the anxiety, thanks heavens, they weren’t apart for too long and are determined to mend the bridges.

“You know I can have any man I want but I chose him, and he chose me. At least we are still together and working on us,” she said.

She has also gone to lengths to enhance her sex life with her young partner, who is 11 years her junior, by undergoing vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Zodwa who describes herself as a beast in bed, said she is happy to have her punani tight again. She had three vaginal tightening sessions where she was put under general anaesthetic each session cost R2 250.

Dr Mahendra Premchand, who performed the surgery in Umhlanga said women do vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening for different reasons. “Some feel a change in their elasticity especially after having children,” he said.

The doctor approached the reality TV star after seeing how free, accommodative, and open-minded she was.

The procedure comes with very little to no side-effects, he said. “As long as women refrain from having sexual intercourse for four to five days and wash normally without using any scented soaps, then all should heal quickly.”

Zodwa is fully recovered now, and her young lover is enjoying the effects of the treatment. “It works. Not that I was complaining before, but whatever she did works,” Ntobeko told Drum Magazine.

She’s clearly not shy to talk about her sexuality, and she is determined on self love, confidence, and to live their lives as they please. Treat their bodies as they feel like, without any restrictions from anyone.

Zodwa who respects her man hopes to have a happy marriage one day.

“Ntobeko is young. He still has a bright future ahead of him and I don’t want to control him just because I am older. For now, he can enjoy the tight punani and let us just be happy,” she told the magazine.

Known for her disregard of norms and taboos, Zodwa, believes after calling off the wedding, she can now get R40 000 being half of the lobola she paid to Ntobeko’s family.

However, according to traditional leader Dr Sipho Ngwenya, lobola is meant to unite families. “Lobola is not buying the services of the bride or the groom,” he told Drum Magazine.

“By paying lobola you were asking for unity among families. An animal is slaughtered after it has been paid to announce the unity of families to the ancestors.

“That process cannot be reversed. Families are united, period. When couples decide to separate and disagree, it doesn’t mean ubuhlobo (the unity among families) is also broken.

“You are still united but not together, therefore lobola cannot be returned. Even when one partner is found cheating, in the worst-case scenario a price can be paid by the guilty party. But the lobola cannot be returned,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ntobeko who says he is not after Zodwa’s money, told the magazine that his family has no problems returning the lobola money.

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