Latest on gospel musician Dr Tumi who was offered R14 million per month for joining Satanism


In life, finding one's calling is a blessing, and as for musician Dr Tumi, this is so because a lot of people walk through life without knowing what they are called to do.

Interesting to note, Dr Tumi, born Tumisang Makweya who believes in 'callings' recently declined to accept another calling, to join the illuminati society.

That is not his type of calling, and he said no to it.


Dr Tumi is a very busy, soft spoken gospel musician, who strongly believes, in the divine's power of equitably parcelling out blessings, for him, there is enough room in the sky for every bird to fly.

“I don’t get jealous of what others are doing because I know that for other people being successful doesn’t stop my success. God has enough for everyone,” Dr Tumi told Move Magazine recently.

Apparently, for him, the month of July could be a season he would like to forget quickly, strange than fiction, the shadowy illuminate or the Satanists tried to recruit him into their underworld system. He announced that spine chilling offer on Facebook, the message went viral as people shared it widely, with 420 000 of his fans getting frightened as they thought his life could be in danger.

“I got promised about $1 million (R14 million) a month and great fame and influence across the globe. But we are not the type you can buy with money,” he said in a post, which he later deleted.

Dr Tumi told Move magazine, that he do not fear Satanists at all, as his life is protected by the blood of Jesus Christ. Following the revelation of the strange offer that he had just received and turned down, Dr Tumi received a lot of emotional and spiritual support from the magnitude of his followers, messages to strengthen his belief in Jesus, and prayers flooded his inbox.

The soft spoken gospel artist released his first album in 2013, Heart of a King, a new genre in the industry that set him apart as a gospel musician. The album made waves within months of its release. His second Love and Grace helped him stamp authority as a force to reckon with, and was the first gospel artist to fill up the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg.

He told Move! That he was motivated by the desire to create something new and move away from recycled music. Since then he has never turned back, Dr Tumi has two other albums to his credit and has just released the fifth, Love on the Cross.

Dr Tumi, who has been married to Kgaogelo Makweya for 11 years is a father of three kids, Bokamoso (10), Onalerona (5) and Khumoentle (3), and for him, family comes first.

He enjoys their company, and spends most of his time at home, playing soccer with his sons, PlayStation maybe. And his best friend is his wife.

After family, music is his second nature, and outside it, he is dull.

Apart from being a great artist, Dr Tumi's charm is derived, perhaps, from his strength of character and likeable nature rather than his prowess in music alone. He is also known for being approachable, a man who is often stopped by fans at malls to take pictures.

A medical doctor by profession, Dr Tumi stopped practising three years ago, after his musical schedule got too pressing.

He was once a victim of suicidal thoughts, who felt emptiness, until he started going to church, and ever since he loves influencing lives.

“That is why I do what I do. I love touching lives, like I get testimonies and inboxes from people who will say, ‘I listened to your song and I stopped having suicidal thoughts,” he told Move!

Dr Tumi’s urge to be close to his fans, has led him to tend his own social media links so that he can directly interact with his fans directly.

He is proud to have been a child of pastors, who could give him room to live his own life. He did not go to church at their instigation, but of his own accord.

He has learnt to pay attention not to critics but to what he does best music. And for him, his musical calling was his biggest achievement, not for the money or fame that comes along with it, but for the purpose.

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