Female singer madly in love with musician Brickz who's serving 15 years in jail for rape


For some people, being sent to jail is more like a death penalty, in most cases resulting in one being ruled out, as for lovers history has it, that would mean the end of it.

But for Brickz, real name Sipho Ndlovu, and aspiring rapper Cazo Cas (35) the fire of love is still burning.

Cazo knows why the ‘Sweety My Baby hitmaker' Brickz is locked up in prison, he opened up about the matter to her, when they first met, and she believed him.


Speaking through a close family member, Brickz opens up to DRUM; “She knows everything about me and has really brought a smile to my face.”

For him, the burden of losing freedom as he serves a 15 year jail term at Krugersdorp Correctional Services, for rape is being made bearable by the love between him and Cazo, they are always in prayer spirits together, despite the geographical location.

Brickz, (37) was convicted of raping his niece at his home, west of Johannesburg, in November 2013, and was sentenced to 15 years behind bars. But Cazo firmly stood by him during trial, not caring what other people would think, she tells DRUM.

“It’s not like we just started dating now, we know a lot about each other. We’ve been together for three years now.

“I was attracted to him because of his personality. He’s a very good person.”

The two met for the first time in 2015, by chance of having had attended a same event together, where she asked him if he had indeed committed the crime, he told her he never committed the crime, and it is the way he answered that made her to believe him. He even went as far as telling her other secrets she did not know about the case.

They started as friends, he opened up to her, since then the fire of love started burning, she being there for him when chips were down. She began to see the type of person he is.

What makes Cazo’s love for Brickz unique is that it didn’t shake, even after he was found guilty and jailed.

She opens to DRUM; “I feel like all relationships have their ups and downs and we’re just going through a downhill right now. I can’t leave him because times are hard right now. We’ve had beautiful times together so why should I leave him because he’s going through a dark phase?”

She keenly awaits the day the prison gates would open for him, and can’t wait seeing him walk out to freedom again. She is optimistic, and full of hope that only one day he will wave goodbye to prison walls and join her, live together happy ever after.

Though such kind of dating is not easy, the couple keep their chambers of love glowing through love mails, and she regularly visit him at the prison every Sunday, making the day their favourite.

Before he was convicted, the two lovers were staying together at his grandmother’s house, giving each other emotional support. Cazo takes her lover’s incarceration, as if he has gone on a long journey, were he would come back home one day. She doesn’t view it as if he has died, the only that guarantees no return.

According to those who know Cazo better, she is not trying to ride on Brickz's fame. No. Though she is yet to make a mark of her own in the entertainment circles the humble aspiring rapper and model just loves him.

Cazo is a strong character who puts herself in Brickz’s shoes, try to understand his situation and offer emotional support.

BRICKZ was found guilty of raping his then 17-year-old niece at his rented house in 2013, was sentenced to 15 years in jail, he was released on R80 000 bail in April 2018 pending an appeal against conviction.

However, he lost the appeal and was sent back to the Krugersdorp prison to proceed serving his term. He may qualify for seven and half years parole in 2023.

Cazo's family and friends stood with the two in their relationship, though those who were not real friends walked away. She refers to such people as part-time friends, and says their walking away helped strengthening her.

For Brickz, being incarceration is not the end of the road, he is currently working on his music, while also making use of the prison’s educational facilities, as he prepares for his freedom once again.

Those who are close to him tells DRUM that he doing his best, and has since taken up all the subjects available there, studies hard and recently, passed his Maths exams with 62% and is expected to graduate in August.

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