'Skeem Saam’s' Koloi: People feel sorry for me when I walk around


Skeem Saam’s Koloi is going through a tough time on the show at the moment after the death of his mother, and Tshepo Senatle says he is getting a lot of sympathy on the streets for his character.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Tshepo shared that playing Koloi left him deep in his feels.

"Koloi is going through a serious turmoil and I can't help but be touched by what's happening in his life."


He explained that his character is only 17 years old but has been thrown in the deep end and had to face the world alone.

"He has a little brother and a very grumpy aunt. All his life he's been with his mother, the only person he was able to lean on for help and now that she's gone, Koloi is feeling vulnerable."

While playing a grieving Koloi on set, Tshepo explained that pulling a convincing crying face was not easy, as he had to wait for the "right" tears to come.

"Acting is not always easy as it requires a lot of research and determination. I had to do some research on grief, because I have to convince eight million viewers who watch Skeem Saam."

Tshepo explained that wherever he goes people feels sorry for Koloi.

"Koloi being the naughty guy he is, he is also human and doesn't deserve what he is currently going through. I think Koloi needs to grab everything by the chest and take whatever is thrown at him. He has nobody else but himself right now."

His character is not only experiencing grief but also flames from his aunt, Sis Ouma, who is seen to be giving Koloi a tough time despite the loss of his mother.

"It's quite sad that Koloi is left with a mean aunt who is the only person he can call a mother. And a father who just came back in the picture from nowhere and also an uncle who doesn't really show authority."

When asked what is set to happen for Koloi, Tshepo said people should stay glued to their screens as Koloi is going to see more flames.


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