Anyone who has overcome sin cannot experience labour pain, New mum Linda Mtoba starts war on Twitter


Linda Mtoba’s probe into natural birth sparks unexpected religious comments

On Thursday, 24 July 2019, Linda Mtoba took to Twitter to question how painful natural birth is, which sparked a controversial religious debate following Nikki Shange’s response.

South African actress, Linda Mtoba, inquired about the pain that comes with natural birth. In the tweet, Linda asked “How sore is natural birth? Like honestly and realistically…”. The question comes shortly after her pregnancy announcement earlier in the month.


In response to Linda’s question, some shared their own individual birthing experience in an attempt to give her some insight on the process. Some individuals shared that it is mainly the labour that is painful, and not so much the actual birth. One other social media user also commented sharing that she did squats during her pregnancy which helped her deliver the baby in a short space of time. Linda further asked at what point in one’s pregnancy should one start doing squats, to which an individual suggested from seven months.

The conversation took an unexpected religious turn when Durban-based social media influencer, Nikki Shange, who is a self-proclaimed ‘child of the Rabbi’- commented by saying that labour pain is as a result of sin and anyone who has overcome sin cannot experience labour pain. Nikki’s comment read: “It’s not sore at all, unless you are still under the curse of Adam”. According to Nikki, the death of Jesus Christ, as in Bible doctrine, took away all man’s sin, including everything else that came about. Shange said this included labour pains as well, because essentially that would mean the ‘curse of Adam’ was broken.

Nikki’s controversial comment was rebuked, with many being of the opinion that her understanding of the Bible doctrine is misguided and questionable. Many were offended by Shange’s sentiments as they suggested that women who experience labour pains were sick and cursed when that is known not to be true.

Media personality, Bonnie Mbuli, who also disapproved of Nikki’s point, replied saying, “On the real sis, I know what it’s like to become a radical born-again Christian…to you it sounds pious and noble but that kind of fundamentalism when unchecked can harm yourself and those around you”.

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