Sugar mama Tina Jaxa finally replaces dead husband with Generations actor and Ben 10 Fuzile Mahamba


South African actress, Tina Jaxa has found happiness in the arms of her new lover, fellow actor Fuzile Mahamba.

The couple have been dating for a year and some even think wedding bells could be in the air for them.

Tina Jaxa has never been shy when it comes to experimenting with younger men and in recent years, the now-48-year-old actress has spoken fondly about dating “Ben 10s” (the nickname Mzansi gives to the young boyfriends of older women).


However, some of her ‘toy boys’ have been nothing more than short-lived flings. This time around, she has found a younger man who seems ready to stick around for the long term – 40-year-old Fuzile.

Even though their relationship came out in one of the most unfortunate ways, veteran actress Tina Jaxa and her actor boyfriend Fuzile Mahamba, who's eight years her junior, are happier than they've ever been.

Tina has even hinted that she's ready to be his bride.

Tina confessed, “We met at the OR Tambo International Airport. I dropped my ID smartcard and he picked it up behind me and tapped me for attention. I took it from him and thanked him. Little did we know that we were on the same flight and [seated] next to each other,”

According to the thespian, Fuzile tried his luck with her the very next day and kept persisting until she decided to give him a chance, but not before she overcame her reservations!

Tina continued with their story, “At first I was not sure because I was not really into masculine guys with a big moustache. And besides, I was dating someone else at that time. And also, I saw him as a fan who was just star struck but he kept on pressing until I gave in.”

Tina and Fuzile's love was made public after a cosy video of them was leaked by a "friend" to Sunday World in July.

Speaking to Drum Tina explained that she was most hurt by how the video would affect their loved ones, but never intended on hiding her bae.

Nor was she willing to let bad past relationship experiences dim the light of her new love.

"I’ll never give up on love based on previous love relationships that didn’t work out because I don’t live my life from a point of fear," Tina said.

The actress hasn't always been lucky in love and has had a very public and messy break-up with husband Prosper Mkwaiwa. When Prosper died of an undisclosed illness in 2015, Tina was left to deal with a lot of drama. Prosper was legally married to Tina but was in a traditional union with musician and socialite Tina Dlangwana.

However, it seems Tina has finally found her peace after that ordeal. And, even though she and the hunky Fumani have only been dating for six months, her happily ever after is now a tangible dream.

Tina told Sowetan Live that he's the one and Fumani echoed her sentiments and said she was everything he wanted in a wife.

When contacted by a local publication regarding their 180-day union, Tina said she can't wait to get married again, “He is the guy I could marry any time.”

If Tina and Fuzile make it all the way to the aisle, this will be a victory for Ben 10s everywhere!

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