Zodwa Wabantu now in big trouble after messing up with gays, DSTV ordered cancel her show


Johannesburg Pride has issued a statement calling on DStv to suspend Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored "with immediate effect," following homophobic and transphobic references made by the local entertainer.

Furthermore, Johannesburg Pride appealed to the Feather Awards to strip Zodwa Wabantu of her Drama Queen of The Year honour awarded in 2017.

On a recent episode of Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored on DStv's Moja Love, Zodwa, said: "Gays are silly because they are fighting with women. Name one gay who has never fought with a woman in the industry. Their problem is that gays are convinced that they have vaginas, while they have penises.


However Zodwa has denied claims that she is homophobic, telling the Sowetan that she has more than 20 gay friends. "Even my designer is gay," she said.

She added that she was talking about her friends, and that she calls it as she sees it.

"We accommodate you guys because you wear make-up and when we, as women, talk about men you're always there contributing to the conversation," she added.

Her latest remarks about gay men have caused an almighty row. In the now-infamous clip, Zodwa addresses homosexual men who, in her own words, “forget they have penises and not vaginas like us”

She lambasted homosexual men in the entertainment industry for being “too volatile”, asking “is there a gay celebrity you do not know that has never been in a catfight with a woman?” She further went on to claim that it is already enough that women allow them to use make-up and pursue other men, “but enough is enough”.

These utterances have irked several prominent LGBTQI+ groups, but the most noticeable of which has been the response from Johannesburg Pride. Zodwa Wabantu isn’t just facing calls to be cancelled by her fans, but by the very network which gives her opinions a platform:

“Johannesburg Pride has reached out to DSTV Content Managers to consider Zodwa Wabantu’s statements as hate speech and suspend her show with immediate effect pending investigation. We understand her show is uncensored however DSTV need to be mindful of the hate it is promoting.”

“Furthermore, Johannesburg Pride appeals to the Feather Awards to strip Zodwa Wabantu of her Award issued in 2017. This must be a lesson to all media personalities and influencers to be mindful of how they conduct themselves and what they say.”

Feather Awards also set to condemn
The group want the network to treat her statements as hate speech – should they be successful in their appeal, Wabantu may have to go to the SA Human Rights Commission to explain herself. That’s a long way down the line, but should DStv accept the position of Johannesburg Pride, it would put the reality star in even more trouble.

Zodwa Wabantu won “Drama Queen of the Year” at the gay-friendly Feather Awards in 2017. The irony is certainly not lost on anyone, here. The glitzy, glamorous show is a celebration of the campest and hottest fashion styles currently in-vogue in South Africa. But it looks like the 33-year-old will also be cancelled by the committee.

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