Lasizwe's Nomatriquency wig STOLEN and he seriously wants It back – (Watch Video)


Twitter this week to reveal some shocking news – someone stole his Nomatriquency wig

Lasizwe made up the fictional character ‘Nomatriquency’, who has appeared in several videos on his channel. She usually wears a synthetic red wig and oversized coat to her many job interviews.

It looks like ‘Tricky Baby’, as some call her, might need to get some new hair.


“I really need that wig back! If you know anything or have information about the whereabouts of my wig please DM!” Lasizwe captioned a video about the missing wig.

Lasizwe added that he was desperate to get the precious wig back

“I mean who steals a synthetic wig? I am desperate, I need that wig back. If you have any connection or no where it is, please bring back my wig.

It’s unclear whether the video is just a joke but Lasizwe’s followers are taking it seriously and cannot believe the audacity of the wig thief or thieves.

“That nomatric wig doesn’t it have a tracker..? @NetstarSA can help you bhutiza,” one wrote.

We don’t blame Lasizwe for wanting to have his Nomatriquency wig back

She has become a household name in South Africa and even helped him score a big deal with Game stores.

After seeing one of Nomatriquency’s funny retailer interviews on YouTube, the store decided to take the skit on the road.

Lasizwe visited several stores dressed as the character and features in online campaigns.

Nomatriquency’s wig might be MIA but there is some good news to help cheer Lasizwe up

His YouTube video about how drive-throughs in South Africa operate has reached one-million views!

“I have no word to explain how I feel right now! We literally did it! We reached a million views on YouTube! To my fans and supporters I appreciate you sooooooo much and love you so much!” Lasizwe wrote.

Watch the hilarious video below!


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