Jub Jub will never be a part of my Son's life – Kelly Khumalo


Kelly wants nothing to do with her baby daddy, Jub Jub – Christian hardly sees Jub Jub and Kelly would prefer if he didn't at all – Fans feel that it is not Kelly's choice and that she needs to take a step back

There is ain’t no drama like baby daddy and momma drama. Kelly Khumalo does not want her baby daddy, Jub Jub, anywhere near their son. Kelly has a rather lengthy history of failed and soul destroying relationships. The songstress has finally found the one and does not want any negativity from her past affecting it.

The drama and backlash that poor Kelly has been facing. Kelly has reached the point in her life where she just wants peace and she is prepared to do anything to achieve that. Christian, Kelly and Jub Jub’s son, is only 9 years old and the poor boy is having to go through all this drama. Kelly often states how absent Jub Jub is and that she would rather him be out of their son’s life completely.

On Behind The story, Kelly made it clear that she does not need Jub Jub and neither does Christian, and that she would rather Christian hated her than her allow Jub Jub to ruin his life.

That statement sent viewers into shock. There are many people who do not agree with Kelly and feel that it is not her choice to remove Jub jub from Christian’s life. Absent father or not, Christian will make the decision for himself one day when he is old enough to.


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