Dr Malinga pulls a shocker, "I will be selling CONDOMS at Durban July"


Dr Malinga wants to ensure that you don’t engage in risky behaviour at this year’s Vodacom Durban July so he’s going to be selling his own range of condoms at the popular horse-racing event

Many people recognise the Durban July is one of the biggest events on the annual entertainment calendar.

But something that a lot of people may not know is that it carries a reputation for raunchy behaviour. A quick look on social media will reveal jokes (and sadly, many truths) about people letting loose and hooking up at the Durban July.

We can’t stop two adults from having consensual sex, nor can Dr Malinga, but the singer does want to ensure that said adults are at least engaging in safe sex.

Taking advantage of the VDJ’s reputation for being a promiscuous space, the hitmaker has announced that he will be selling his brand new range of condoms at the event to ensure that nobody leaves Durban with any unwanted surprises

Speaking to Tshisa Live, Dr Malinga explained why he’s going to be selling his soon-to-be-launched range of condoms at the popular fashion and horseracing event.

He said, “There are many customers there [at the Durban July]. I can’t keep my customers stranded so I decided to help them out.”

However, some have taken exception to the fact that he will be selling them for R20 a pop. He added, “Some people will say it is cheap. Others will say it is expensive. But it is a good price for the quality you get, that Dr Malinga magic. It will be that price for the weekend and we will see after that.”

Earlier this month, Dr Malinga announced on Instagram that his range of condoms was coming to the Durban July and his fans were excited by the prospect.

Jokes aside, Dr Malinga explained to Tshisa Live why he chose to venture into the business of producing condoms

He explained that the high HIV and pregnancy rates in South Africa forced him to take action. He said, “I am a businessman and there’s a need for condoms. I am helping people because I realised that people need a constant reminder to protect themselves against things like HIV. I happen to be in an industry where bashes and parties are some of the popular places where people tend to ‘forget themselves’ so I am here to help them.”

Do you think that it is a good idea for Dr Malinga to sell condoms at the Durban July?


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