"F*ck the Government", Siv Ngesi vows to help poor Gogo living in a rundown home


Siv Ngesi is taking matters into his own hands after stumbling on a post about an old woman living in a rundown home

It all began with a ‘Dear Mr. President’ letter.

A Twitter user alerted his more than 100 000 followers to the granny’s plight on his page. The woman can be seen sitting inside a ramshackle house.


He asked them to retweet to the post in the hope that President Cyril Ramaphosa would see it and act.

“Dear President @CyrilRamaphosa I’m sure you not happy with this,” the tweet read.

The post was retweeted over 4 900 times and over 2 600 people liked it.
Siv came across the tweet and decided there was no time to wait for the president to step in

“F** k the government…. send me her details and I will help! (Or someone who knows her) Sick and tired of this bulls**t! Let’s get our hands dirty and stop pointing fingers!” he tweeted.

The post inspired many others to offer their assistance.

“I’m in for R10 000, keep me updated where I can donate. #livingthemadibalife,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “Thank you Siv, God bless you. When you do manage to get hold of her, after you build her the house, can you kindly please let me know, I would like to contribute towards buying her a decent bed. We can’t wait for President @CyrilRamaphosa to deliver on his so-called new dawn.”

“I’m broke as f** k but hey. I’m keen to go down and help fix the house,” a third added.
Some tweeps offered to buy groceries, a fridge and clothing for the woman

KwaZulu-Natal officials were soon alerted about the gogo’s situation.

A twitter user shared a picture of officials visiting the woman’s dwelling. They allegedly promised to build her a house and bought her groceries.


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