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REVEALED: This is how the infamous Shell Petrol attendant Nkosikho Mbele will spend his R400,000 donation


When Nkosikho Mbele used R100 out of his own pocket to help a motorist pay for the 6.23 litres she had poured, he had no idea that this generous act of selflessness would reap immense rewards.


As reported by Sowetan Live, the motorist had forgotten her bank card and as a gesture of kindness, Mbele offered to assist. He told her she could return the money on her next visit.

Unbeknown to him, Mbele’s sacrifice would be an inspiration to Monet van Deventer, the Account Manager and motorist that made it home safely that evening, thanks to that R100.

Van Deventer used this inspirational story to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Mbele. In a single weekend, Backabuddy noted that the campaign has raised over R400 000.

The non-profit company also confirmed that, under Mbele’s instruction, the funds will not be sent to his personal bank account. Fearing that his newly-found celebrity would draw the wrong kind of attention, the Shell petrol attendant opted to have his donation administered by Backabuddy.

“Nkosikho has asked that the money is administered by Backabuddy for his safety, as he does not live in a safe area. Nkosikho will have full control of how his funds are utilised. Based on his personal request, the relevant institutions will be paid directly by BackaBuddy,” the company stated.

According to Mbele, the money already has its purpose. He will use it to secure a decent education for his children.

It will also serve his household needs at his home in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

All payments for the aforementioned will be actioned by Backabuddy, with Mbele having full oversight of his account activity.

The modest petrol attendant reacted to the outpouring love he has received for his selfless actions. It is not him we should thank, he said. It is the glory of God, instead.

“All focus and praise should go to God, who inspires all good deeds.” — Mbele

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