Sizwe Dhlomo leaves Nation shocked after his pants tore live on Television (WATCH VIDEO)


Sizwe Dhlomo might have just experienced the most embarrassing fashion malfunction of the year when his pants tore on live television

Sizwe is probably the last person you would expect this to happen to. I mean, not only is he a reliably dapper dresser, but the presenter and businessman can afford the most expensive suits in the country (and he has an eye for a fine thread too!).

So you can imagine the nation’s surprise when his pants gave way during his slot on Newzroom Afrika’s morning news show!

It all fell apart (literally and figuratively) when the presenter joked about how happy he was that Game of Thrones had finally come to an end. In fact, he was so delighted by the news that he celebrated the end of the series with a flying kung-fu kick (to the tune of Kung Fu Fighting in the background).

However, unlike many kung-fu fighters from back in the day, Sizwe’s attire couldn’t quite withstand the force of his mega-kick. See how it all played out below:

The usually cool and calm Sizwe Dhlomo was able to see the funny side of this moemish moment, although many will argue that this is only the second most embarrassing thing to ever happen to him on social media

His #1 moment of shame came way back in 2013 when he boldly declared that Nelson Mandela was still alive. It wasn’t the inaccuracy of the statement so much as the confident manner in which he delivered the tweet (which proved to be completely false when Madiba was declared “dead” hours later).

Either way, Sizwe Dhlomo is as human as the rest of us and moments such as this tweet and his wardrobe malfunction, rare as they are, are proof.

How embarrassed would you be if your clothes failed you on live television like Sizwe’s pants did on Newzroom Afrika?


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