Boity Thulo gives fans tips on how to get a sexy body


Boity’s body has been admired by fans far and wide for as long as she’s been an entertainer. This week, she let her fans in on a few of her fitness and toning secrets of achieving the perfect bod

They say summer bodies are made in winter and as it stands we are on the cusp of the South African winter, so there is no better time than now to start getting in shape.

Boity (who has a summer body all year round) is here to serve as our fitness inspiration, sharing some advice on how to sculpt and maintain your ideal body, and although there’s hard work involved, it’s surprisingly achievable.
In an interview with local publication Independent Online, Boity revealed some of her secrets of achieving her gorgeous body


This turned out to be interesting reading because Boity’s bod has had Mzansi drooling for years now (remember when her bum broke the Internet after she posed for the Marie Claire ‘Nude Issue’?).

One thing she insists on is that you need to work out at least five times a week, whether you have a gym membership or not.

She explained, “Sometimes my schedule didn’t allow me to get to a gym whilst at other times I worked out five times a week with a personal trainer. I’ve always chosen to use whatever was available to activate my goals.”

In her list of 10 crucial fitness tips that she shared with IOL, Boity also explained that a variety of exercises were important for helping her maintain different forms of fitness

From running and cycling for cardiovascular health, to yoga for flexibility and core strength, switching it up appears to give you optimal results.

Boity also spoke about a topic that seems to be the cause of much debate for many women around South Africa: weight training! Do weights make you bigger or overly muscular? Neither is ideal if you’re trying to trim and tone. According to the Wuz Dat rapper, weight training is key to achieving muscle tone.

Boity said, “Weight train. Resistance exercises tone, shape and build muscle while breaking down fats. Don’t be afraid to train with weights. You will not get too big and will add those sexy lines you always dreamed of.”

Round off a simple but consistent exercise routine with a healthy diet, and you’ll be ready to hit the beach, the poolside or even the tanning salon in full confidence this summer!


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