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Mshoza shocks fans as she encourages Moonchild to continue performing half naked (see pic)


Mshoza was so impressed by musician Moonchild this past week that she took to Twitter to sing her praises. But it wasn't only her moves and lyrics that caught her attention, it was her "exposed booty" as well.

Moonchild stole the night at the Samas nominees event last week, where Mshoza was also performing. The OG kwaito musician couldn't hold back her admiration for the "embodiment" of freedom Moonchild was for her.

She took to Twitter to say as much and her post got tweeps talking.

"So it's okay for the Beyoncés and them to come into our democratic country ngentsula (half-naked) but for our own Moonchild, you ask so many questions?" she asked.

Following the reactions sparked by her post, Mshoza had a young chat with TshisaLIVE, breaking down her admiration and fascination with Moonchild.

And she just loves her so much!

What do you believe Moonchild is encouraging/promoting with that picture and why did you feel the need to repost it?

The picture simple encourages other women to feel free and embrace their bodies and stop thinking about abantu bazothini syndrome. So many times we as African women are limited in many ways because we fear the next person. Moonchild's freedom is seen through her body.

When I posted that pic so many males saw it as a sex opponent as to what it meant. We are living in a dangerous society – we are not free. My love for Moonchild doesn't need her ass covered. Let her side bum be on fleek it's part of her stage image.

Are you for the semi-nude aesthetic Moonchild is about?

I am for each and every women who embraces her body and celebrates her scratch marks with pride. Hence I made an example of Beyonce's stage semi-nudity.

Remember back in the days we as women, we used to wear such revealing clothes, but society made us change and made us want to be looked at differently. Today we fight to wear what we want.

Many have interpreted your tweet as hate for Beyonce, is it?

I am a huge Beyhive fan. To me, Beyoncé and Moonchild represent being women in the same way. They are both not scared to go nude in showcasing being women using the craft.

We are only free when it suits the others yet we have freedom for everyone. Moonchild is our own and we owe it to her. The world stages out there already celebrate her as our own. Why not us?

Do you think it's empowering to women to embrace your body and nudity the way Moonchild has?

Her stage costumes are designed in such a manner. You just gotta love her sexy, hot sizzling image. She's the new meaning of "free women".


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