Poet Ntsiki Mazwai joins calls for Christian holidays to be taken off the calendar


Ntsiki Mazwai left some Twitter users touched over the weekend when she expressed her opinion of Christianity and Christian holidays being given prominence in South Africa.

The poet, known for her outspoken nature, said she was tired of having the popular religion "forced down her throat".

"I am tired of being oppressed by Christianity. We are not all Christian! Stop forcing it down our throats!" she told her followers on Twitter.


The host of Moja Love's Show Me Love went on to question why the SA calendar is saturated with Christian holidays and said that she figures it would be for the best if the country got "rid" of them.

As usual, her tweets sparked a heated debate on the TL, with three different teams; team 'get rid of the holidays', team 'Christian holidays must stay' and those who didn't care either way but wanted the day off from work no matter what it is called.

One thing led to the other, and soon folks were debating history, the Bible and languages.

In her quest to educate her fellow Africans, Ntsiki shared info from her latest read about the "real" African history.

One of the debates that sprung from that conversation was around the official language spoken in Mzansi. Ntsiki is of the belief that Zulu should be the official language of South Africa.

Even her followers felt that was a bit more complex but she pointed out that it would not prevent other languages from being spoken.


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