New mom Lexi Van clueless about motherhood, asks for breastfeeding tips from fans


Reality star Lexi Van is enjoying being a first-time mom and all the challenges that go with it

The former Big Brother Mzansi contestant has been having trouble breastfeeding and took to Instagram to ask her followers for some tips.

She explained that she had just expressed her milk for the first time but wasn’t getting as much as she would like.

“This was 3 days ago. I expressed for the first time, yep, it was painful, but I was so excited. It was only 60ml but it helped the same night when baby wouldn’t sleep,” she wrote.

Lexi added that she was looking for a natural solution to help her express more milk.

Any tips, preferably all natural, on how I could produce MORE milk, my boobs are full but baby could finish them between feeds. Thanks. What a journey?!

Her 74 000 plus fans came through for her in a big way.
Dozens of moms shared their breastfeeding experiences and what worked for them

“Express every three hours dear it helps the flow,” one follower suggested.

Another added: “My gran advices me to drink lots of tea and eat soft porridge in the morning and pap it did help with the production of milk……”

Some mothers had some ‘interesting’ suggestions as well:

Drink Stoney!! No word of a lie it actually helps and try to drink a lot of liquids that helps,” a user named Sophia wrote.

One Instagram user tried to assure Lexi that if she has to switch to formula because she can’t produce enough milk, she should not feel bad about it.

“I didn’t produce enough milk due to being severely anemic. The more my daughter latched the less she sucked out and she was always hungry. Finally after 4 days of this I switched her to the formula. Then discovered she was allergic to lactose…. go figure. Had to switch her over again to soy milk. She grew up healthily though. Thank God she outgrew the allergy too. I think breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing, I wish I was able to do it.”
Lexi and her partner Mandla Hlatshwayo welcomed their first child together earlier this month – a baby boy named Sithokoza

The new mom revealed that giving birth was one of her biggest fears.

“I can’t believe I’m a mom, to be honest, it feels weird and I still have to pinch myself… Pregnancy and motherhood is extremely overwhelming, but im sure I’ll be fine,” she wrote on Instagram.

Lexi is still finding it hard to believe that she is a mom.

“I still can’t believe I carried a precious life inside of me. Never, ever thought I’d even fall pregnant. Wow!! I am a tiny human’s mom. A mother.”


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