Fans sympathize with Amanda Black, tell her to seek help over serious medical condition


Although many of us are in high spirits about the long weekend ahead, Amanda Black is bedridden due to intense period pains, and her fans are trying to help her find a solution

Period pains are the bane of many a woman’s existence, and when songbird Amanda Black took to social media to complain about her debilitating cramps, her fans could relate.

She revealed that her pain was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t even walk or get out of bed.


In an Instagram Live video, the singer said, “It is times like this that I am over being a girl. So, if anyone has advice for me on my nausea… The cramps aren’t so bad but the nausea feels like my stomach is turning.”

As well as this, she gained deep sympathy with her caption on Instagram, in which she confessed that she has suffered from period cramps all her life, and the pain is as bad as it’s ever been, “think were allowed to complain. In fact yes. We are allowed. Somehow never get used to this feeling. It’s been years but it’s always a surprise how horrible it is (sic)”

After opening up about her pains, many of her followers responded with their favourite home remedies, including “Raspberry leaf tea also ginger” and “Haarlemensis and spoon of sugar”. However, considering the severity of her pains, many of her followers recommended that she seek medical treatment.

One follower wrote on Instagram, “See the doctor it might be Fibroids”
Thankfully, two days after sharing this video, Amanda updated her followers and let them know that she was feeling much better

She said on Instagram, “Feeling much better today and wanted to share some words 😘 Be Kind to You.”

Do you have any suggestions for the next time that Amanda Black (or indeed anybody else) suffers such intense period pains?

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