TV Presenter Anele Mdoda breathes fire as total stranger 'forcefully' hugs her from behind


Presenter Anele Mdoda was approached inappropriately by a fan – and she wasn’t having it.

In a series of tweets, the radio host opened up about an incident where a fan she didn’t know, saw her in public and decided to hug her from behind, before asking for a picture with her.

“Yesterday a lady came from behind me and hugged me from behind. Complete stranger,” she wrote.

“She then is baffled when I am not happy with that approach as she just simply wanted a picture. Guys…imagine if 100 people did that to me daily. It’s not right. It will never be okay.”

She then added that the fan was a woman and that it is not okay even when it is someone of the same sex who touches you inappropriately.

“If a guy did that we would scream and shout and talk charges of sexual harassment. Why is it okay when it’s a lady. She really was so bewildered when I told her it’s not on. Boundaries please guys. I always ask before I touch someone. Even a child. I say can I give you a hug,” she wrote.

The presenter also added that the fan later left with her friends and they spoke badly about her, even though she could still hear them.

“She and her friends then mouthed off within an ear shot of how rude celebs are and we are because of them blah blah. I totally agree, we are because you support us but that does not mean our basic human rights must now be handed in because we are because of you.”

Anele joins a number of celebs who have had awkward and sometimes just uncomfortable encounters with fans.

Former One Direction singer Harry Styles was groped by a fan in 2017 during a performance.

– Channel24

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