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Zahara's liver damaged after she squandered all her money on beer and bad friends: Manager reveals


IT seems award-winning singer Zahara has scores to settle. And she apparently intends to leave no stone unturned. . . as she’s threatened fire and brimstone on those who “owe her moolah”!

The Afro-soul musician last week went on a media frenzy, saying she intended to sue her former record label, TS Records. According to the Loliwe hitmaker, her former bosses, label executives TK Nciza and DJ Sbu Leope, owe her millions of rands.

This was for allegedly underpaying her for her performances, the sale of her records and her royalties for when her songs were played. But insiders don’t agree with her version of the story. Her business partner and manager, Sanele Dlamini, last week sang a different tune. Having been with her since she left TS in 2016, he’s even gone as far as calling her a liar, following Zahara bashing him as well on Metro FM’s afternoon The Drive show with Mo Flava.

Sanele claimed Zahara was misleading Mzansi and merely wanted public sympathy. He said the singer had chowed all her money on alcohol and bad friends.

Said Sanele: “Zahara spent the whole of December in hospital because her liver had collapsed due to alcohol. While other artists were making money, she was fighting for her life. Doctors told her to stop drinking because her liver was damaged and it had affected her brain.”

He said Zahara didn’t take her craft seriously.

“Even when she’s booked to perform, she rocks up drunk and doesn’t give her full performance,” Sanele insisted. “I’m forever on the phone pleading with promoters not to write her off because of her drunk behaviour.” Sanele insisted he’d tried everything, including rehab, to help the singer. “But Zahara doesn’t seem to want help,” he said.

“I’ve covered up her lies and many alcohol relapses from the media, but she must admit that she has a problem. Her own family is scared of her because she’s the breadwinner and they can’t even tell her to stop drinking.”

According to Sanele, he’d been nothing but transparent with Zahara when it came to their business dealings. He said before they began working together he promised to give her a 50% shareholding in his record company, Music Lives Here. Sanele said she in turn promised him 30% in her company, Zahara Army Music.

“When we first started, I told her to come with me to Cipro so we could open our company together as equal shareholders, but she was too drunk to even come with me. I went alone,” Sanele said. “She also failed to give me her documents, so I could load her as a partner. Instead she kept on giving me excuses.”

He said they were speaking through lawyers because Zahara had changed things without consulting him.

Two friends who didn’t want to be named corroborated Sanele’s claims, saying: “She must also tell the nation that she sleeps with a bottle of Russian Bear every night, hence she doesn’t rock up for interviews or her gigs.”

When asked for comment on Friday, Zahara’s former helper, known as Sakhi, said: “I’m scared of Zahara. Kodwa yonke into ekhulunywa uSanele yiqiniso (what Sanele’s saying is the truth).”

DJ Sbu took to Instagram to post a statement that allegedly shows that their closed-down label, TS Records, didn’t owe Zahara any moolah.

Read the post: To the best of TS Records’ knowledge, Zahara and the producer of [her] albums were paid and continue to receive all forms of royalties that are due to them.

Said TK Nciza yesterday: “I can’t take the shine for someone else’s downfall, it’s not in me.” On Friday, Zahara referred us to her lawyer, Buhle Tonise.

Said Buhle: “I can’t comment or confirm anything at this stage. We have decided not to talk to the media.”

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