SAD: Presenter Bonang Matheba bares her soul, says sometimes it hurts!


Bonang Matheba has definitely earned herself the title of "Clapback Queen" thanks to some of her snappiest comebacks on social media. From the "Go f*** yourself darling" to the iconic "O tla nyela meisie kind" without forgetting the now legendary "Fit in or f*** off", Bonang has given us some memorable one-liners that would be the perfect slogan for big brand clothing.

While the responses are entertaining, it's not often enough that many of us slow down and wonder just how difficult it must be to deal with constant hatred and abuse on social media. Every day it seems as if someone is coming after Bonang and the presenter has revealed that sometimes it takes its toll on her.

Speaking to Channel 24, Bonang revealed that it can hurt to receive so much abuse online and then at is why she blocks anybody who threatens her peace of mind.

"It's expected that a lot of people will have something to say. As I am a public figure and my life plays out in a public space. But at the end of the day, I'm human. I'm not going to say that I am untouchable, because it hurts. That's why I think I block and move on because you can't spend your time altering someone's perception, especially when the good outweighs the bad."

Despite the fact that Bonang shares a lot of her life on social media, she also revealed that there's a lot we don't get to see when she said:

"If you pay special attention, I don't share anything about my life. I don't share when I'm home or having dinner with my family, because those are my quiet times. I show work stuff, like when I'm in a different country working. All the moments that aren't on social media, that's really what I enjoy and what's special to me."

This is not the first time that Bonang has suggested that the social media hatred gets to her sometimes. Back when she was teasing Being Bonang Season 1, her reality TV show, she showed that sometimes the comments bring her to the point of tears:

Asseblief Tweeps, please can we take a moment to be kinder to one another? Celebrity or not?

– ZAlebs

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