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Prophet Bushiri dating Malawian in Ireland: He's having webcam sex with a woman, HIV status exposed


…I am sweet…you will appreciate and demand for more – ‘Man of God’ is quoted

…Andu leaks Prophet’s HIV ‘status’

Sandra Andu Ntonya, a renowned Malawian sex worker based in the United Kingdom has alleged that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been having webcam sex with another young Malawian lady based in Ireland. The Facebook model who lives in Manchester has also leaked the prophet’s HIV status.

‘Bushiri, Enless Masambo are having webcam sex’ – allege Andu

Andu, in a series of post and videos shared shared on her Facebook page, names AsherEn Prinny Masambo (Enless Masambo) as the lady in a virtual intimate relationship with the Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) leader, popularly known as Major 1.

Andu shared screenshots and a series of voice notes as evidence to support her claims.

Masambo apologise to Bushiri

Enless Masambo has, however, issued an apology on her Facebook to Prophet Bushiri who she called Papa while referring to herself as the prophet’s daughter, a common trend among Bushiri’s followers.

“My sincere apologies to major 1 for dragging him in all this. He is one man of God I love and respect because of his love for Malawi and helping the less privileged. He is one man who is well respected around the world and I feel it’s not right for him to be involved in all this.

“If she had issues with me she would’ve concentrated on me and not him. I had the opportunity to do live with Major 1 yes but through proper channels, booked appointments and all, I thank God he came live and blessed all of us. May God keep on Blessing you forever and ever. Much respect to you papa. Stay blessed. Your daughter here says sorry once again for putting you in this. God alone will continue to exalt you papa. He alone knows our hearts. I love and respect this true man of God no matter what” apologised Masambo.

Bushiri’s children fight: Gerald rattles both Andu and Enless

Despite her apology, Enless Masambo verbally hit at Gerald Kampanikiza when he suggested she had used Bushiri’s name to outshine Andu in their chit-chat. Ironically, both Gerald and Enless opently identify themselves as Bushiri’s disciples, describing themselves as a son and a daughter of Major 1 respectively.

“I know social media is always happy and over the moon when they hear mostly stupid fake stories that puts Major 1 in the negative limelight. It is against this that I wasn’t shocked to see Asheren Priny Masambo and Andukire Ntonya dragging the name of Major 1 in their fight.

“We all know that Major 1 is a global icon and many can claim to be close to him or in affair just to outshine their colleagues of same character. But truth be told what was said by Sandra Ntonya a well known Malawian porn star based in UK has got not even a single truth. It is pure ladies gossip and has nothing to do with Major 1” said Kampanikiza in a lengthy post.

“As a son of Major 1, I can challenge you that Major 1 has nothing to do with Asheren. The interview Asheren had with Major 1 was arranged by his communications team, not him. After that, Major 1 talked with Ashreen to thank him for the interview. Nothing more from there as claimed by Andu.

“If Ashern or Andukire, have evidence of what they are alleging about Major 1 they must bring it out. I should applaud Asheren for making a public apology after realising what her friend said. It could be possible that she shared with Andu false stories about Major 1 with reasons better known to herself and her friend took that seriously. Ladies avoid claiming what doesn’t belong to you and what doesn’t exist for you.

“I can not blame Andu she might have said what she was told by her friend which was totally wrong for Ashern to lie to her. I repeat ladies stop claiming what doesn’t belong to you kuti muwalire azanu. A lot of ladies are fond of this behavior but this must stop tell only what is true and never try to add spices to your lies”.

First to respond to Mr Kampanikiza was Masambo. In her response, she was unrepentant and appeared to suggest that Andu’s allegations might not be unsubstantiated.

“I honestly have been told to stay quiet of which I did and allowed aliyense yemwe wanva one side kuweruza and believe what they want to! Now the coming in of Gerlad to write kuti ineyo ndine fraudster ndimamuwalira Andulire bla bla bla sizabwino! I can take Andu’s shit koma not a sober person ngati you Gelard. You want to do damage control at whose image? You of all people Gerlard you? No no no! Search your heart gelard search it” she posted on Facebook.

Andu hits the last nail on the coffin: leaks Prophet’s Status

While Andu opted to respond to Kampanikiza with a voice note from Masambo in which she can be heard saying that he (allegedly Bushiri) would not mind if their virtual affair was to be uncovered by the media. She used the voice note to exonerate herself.

Andu also leaked another voice note in which Masambo alleges that the ‘Man of God’ could be HIV positive. She nonetheless said she would still bed the controversial prophet.

Malawi24 could not independently verify the authenticity of the allegations made by Andu against Prophet Bushiri and Enless as Bushiri’s Director of Communications did not respond to our request for a comment as of press time.

– Malawi24

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