Robert Marawa 'finishes' Prophetess Bianca van Agsvachen after she claimed he impregnated her


The Durban High Court this week granted sportscaster Robert Marawa an interdict against Namibian media personality Nguvitjita Mberirua, who has changed her name to Bianca van Agsvachen – or Prophetess BVG or Prophetess Bianca, as she is known on social media.

On Monday, the court ordered that Mberirua, the subject of a sensational claim in a tabloid newspaper last weekend that she is pregnant with Marawa’s baby, remove all posts and messages published on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram relating to him.

The court also ordered that she refrain from “harassing, verbally abusing, threatening and interfering with” Marawa “in any manner whatsoever”. Since returning to Namibia, Mberirua has posted scandalous claims involving Marawa, often deleting them before posting new ones.

On Friday she appeared on Windhoek radio station Fresh FM where she joked about the legal action, but didn’t repeat her more inflammatory claims. Marawa’s lawyers this week denied all Mberirua’s allegations, which cannot be repeated because of the court order.

“Marawa cut off communication with Mberirua as he had become the victim of a continued and relentless campaign of defamation and harassment by her, both online and in person,” said a lawyer.

“Mberirua’s increasingly erratic behaviour towards Marawa – which includes attempting to gain unlawful access to his residential property; showing up at his workplace while he was on air to verbally attack him; endless phone calls at all hours of the day and night; posing as his wife in public and online; constant attempts to contact Marawa’s friends, associates and family and spreading fictitious stories about him and her – has left Marawa with no choice but to communicate with Mberirua only through his legal representatives.”

On Monday, Mberirua spoke to City Press from Windhoek where she repeated her claims against Marawa and made several new ones, countering his lawyers’ statement.

Of her social media posts, she said: “The outlash [sic] on social media was actually intended, cause I prayed about the matter and I wanted to know what I was dealing with for the rest of my life.

So I actually in a way tried to provoke him to see what is the issue.”

Mberirua told City Press she met Marawa on SuperSport while working on her own show.

“I had been featuring on a show called Fan Base. I do sports commentary. So I’ve been doing sports commentary for SuperSport with no charge, I think from 1 October to 23 December,” she said, adding that she shadowed sportscaster Minnie Dlamini and spent

time with Marawa on set. But SuperSport spokesperson Clinton van der Berg strongly denied this, telling City Press that Mberirua “has no relationship with SuperSport whatsoever”. “Nguvitjita/Bianca had featured as a studio guest on Fan Base, having responded to an on-air invitation to viewers to apply to be part of our live studio audience.

“She was, however, not permitted to shadow any individual presenter, as per company protocol,” he said.

“She visited the studio on several occasions, only as an onlooker, but when she breached studio rules around taking selfies and recordings in studio, she was told by senior production staff that she was no longer welcome.”

Mberirua did not respond to SuperSport’s reply, saying she was advised not to by her lawyers.


But those aren’t the only comebacks she has received.

City Press saw a warrant for her arrest after she attacked another TV professional on social media, claiming that the man, who runs a TV presenter training school she attended, was recruited as part of a conspiracy to intimidate and bully her.

She said the man, whose name is known to City Press, came into the office where she was talking to a friend “and he started threatening me. He first started accusing me of stealing his clients, then he started accusing me of sleeping around, then he accused me of disrespecting him apparently … After he hit me and he strangled me and he stepped on me.”

She obtained a protection order against the man and opened a criminal case of assault, according to court records. But she told City Press she also laid kidnapping and intimidation charges. The man in turn obtained a protection order against her.

In response to City Press, the man said: “The police investigated and discovered that she lied to them. They examined security camera footage at my offices and found nothing. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) declined to prosecute me and the magistrate issued a warrant for her arrest.”

Gauteng police did not respond to requests for comment, but provincial NPA spokesperson Phindi Louw Mjonondwane confirmed that “charges were withdrawn” against him.

Mberirua found herself back home in Windhoek after the Department of Home Affairs declared her an “undesirable person” after she overstayed her visa by 64 days. She may not return to South Africa until 2024.

But Mberirua refutes this, saying: “That was actually an error and I have challenged that.”

Despite posting numerous photos purporting to show a baby bump and despite appearing to thrive on the publicity, she told City Press: “I’m at a level where I’m really tired and I feel that this is a demon that is following me. I don’t want to speak to Robert anymore. I don’t want him to be a factor in my life anymore.”

– Citypress

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