DJ Zinhle forgives AKA for cheating with Bonang Matheba, now they are madly in love again


JUST when South Africans were still shocked after hearing that DJ Zinhle, real name Zinhle Jiyane (34) and AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes (31), went on a vacation together recently, the co-parents were once again spotted locking lips, confirming that their friendship has moved to romantic territory.

The two have been through turbulent times since they started dating several years ago but DJ Zinhle has been very forgiving of her baby daddy even when he left her broken hearted.


It seems as though their troubles are behind the musical couple after a picture of DJ Zinhle and AKA kissing while he’s holding their baby Kairo went viral. The image that had fans excited was taken recently when the rapper was performing with a 30-piece orchestra in Pretoria in celebration of 10 years in showbiz. While performing a song titled Beyonce on the night, AKA seemingly confirmed that he is back with the DJ when he said, “I’ve got my baby mama now. We are in a better place”, setting the stage for the kiss that almost broke social media.

Although the kiss was viewed as confirmation of rekindled love between the two, speculation of their reunion has been rife for months. This is not the first time the duo was “caught in the act” in recent times. The pair was first spotted in an event in Cape Town getting cosy. A Sunday newspaper reported that they were even seen kissing.

The pair is mum about the status of their romantic relationship, but they’ve been leaving clues everywhere. Just last December, DJ Zinhle’s best friend, media personality Pearl Thusi posted a picture of the DJ’s newly built home with Pearl’s car parked outside. However, when zoomed in, one could see a license plate number of another car that is alleged to be AKA’s BMW inside Zinhle’s garage.


AKA and Zinhle initially dated but their relationship ended chaotically. They were still involved, and she was pregnant with AKA’s daughter Kairo when he cheated on her with media personality Bonang Matheba. After being mum about the cheating scandal for months, Zinhle bravely shared that AKA had indeed left her for Bonang via her blog, Moments by Zinhle.

She wrote, “A week before our daughter was born, I found out about the affair between Kiernan (the father of my child) and Bonang Matheba. I also received confirmation of the rumours through a conversation I had with Kiernan, who confirmed that the affair had been going on for over five months.”

Regardless of the love triangle, Zinhle and AKA coparented Kairo after her birth and Bonang even spent time with the child several times. But it was only after his break-up with Bonang that AKA showed deep regret for what he put Zinhle through. He apologised to her live on Anele Mdoda’s SABC3 talk show, Real Talk with

Anele. He admitted that his relationship with Bonang had started off on a bad footing, saying, “The start of my relationship was painful because at the time I was in a relationship with my baby mama. And she was pregnant. And for me, what we put her through was wrong. I’ve apologised for that and I’m sorry for that.”

Months later, Zinhle also openly admitted to having forgiven the rapper. However, at the time, Zinhle made it clear that they were not a couple despite fans wanting them to be together again. “One thing South Africans are not short of is hope,” she said. She was the first to admit that forgiving wasn’t an easy thing to do. Zinhle told Move! when she was promoting her book,

Meet Your Power, that she got a lot of messages from women who sought advice after having been cheated on by their partners. “They say that I made it look so easy when it was time for me to move on, which was not the case. It was very difficult forgiving my baby daddy after what he had put me through,” she admitted.


Shortly after Zinhle had given birth to Kairo, and while she was still nursing her broken heart, she went back to work and took gigs. At the time, she addressed naysayers who didn’t support her decision via her blog. “I have heard and read a few comments about how I’m back at work too soon after the birth of my baby, but I haven’t heard anyone say anything about my baby’s father being back at work so soon after Kairo’s birth,” she wrote. “I’m a working mom but that doesn’t mean I love my child any less.”

She went further to confirm that her pregnancy was planned. “It was part of the plan to conceive in September or October to ensure that I would still be able to perform in summer and take maternity leave in winter. The winter months are generally a less busy time for DJs but August is a busy month for female artists and DJs, so I needed to make sure I would be ready and back on the road in August,” she wrote.

Her choices were publicly supported by AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, particularly while AKA was seeing Bonang. On many occasions, especially on social media, Lynn expressed support for Zinhle, calling the DJ “an inspiration” and praising her for being a good example and a great mother to Kairo.

Zinhle says motherhood has been great blessing in her life. She wrote on her blog about her daughter.

“I feel joy knowing that I am a great mother. Kairo is my gift and I have been entrusted to take care of her.”

When contacted for comment, Zinhle’s management declined to comment, saying, “We will not be commenting on any stories related to Zinhle’s personal life.” AKA could not be reached for comment.

– Move

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