Reality star Lexi Van’s big struggle: I have grown women telling me I am ugly


Reality star Lexi Van is just about ready to give birth any day now but has had to contend with social media trolls who have targeted and insulted her.

Lexi says she is a victim of cyber-bullying and women are rolling up in her DMs to call her ugly.

"I have grown, or so I thought, women in my DMs telling me I'm ugly. We have this very weird and ugly habit of women throwing insults at other women, pregnant or not. Now, I know I'm not ugly but I still don't get how you'd take time out to insult and continue to type out words to break someone down."

She said she was shooketh because the trolls were sometimes three times her age.

"Pregnancy is hard and your body is bound to change. Something I'm shocked to grasp, because the very same women had kids and are thrice my age, old and fat… but you're still gonna call someone you don't know ugly!"

Lexi announced last month that she and Mandla Hlatshwayo were expecting their first child together. Since then she has been posting pictures of her pregnant belly to encourage other pregnant women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

She said that there was an unrealistic expectation about pregnant women, especially celebs.

"We've been brainwashed and smothered with pictured of celebs who make pregnancy look all glamorous, easy and perfect. That's just bullsh*t, because pregnancy is f*cking hard and unbearable. I live my reality and I have no reason to post pictures of perfection… but what you old f*cks won't do is make me feel like I'm ugly, unattractive or even a slight bit not rocking this pregnancy."

"So to all these women thinking it's OK to break women down and throwing insults, I understand why. You're nothing but insecure, ugly, inside and out, bored and have no idea what kindness means. Julle kan my vet gat lek. And then you request a 'follow back'. Voetsek!"

– TimesLIVE

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