5 pictures of actress Nomzamo Mbatha with no make-up


Nomzamo Mbatha is one of a few celebrities who are not afraid to leave her house without make-up.

While the actress loves a good “face beat”, she proudly embraces her natural beauty whenever she can.

Entertainers are used to wearing make-up every day for work commitments and red-carpets but some become dependent on their cosmetics and refuse to be caught death without them.


Famous women who are comfortable in their own skin and don’t mind going makeup free are often ridiculed for looking “weird” without make-up.

Nadia Nakai learned how mean internet trolls can be when a picture taken during a spa day went viral in 2018.

The rapper was not wearing any make-up and Twitter users claimed she was “unrecognisable”.

The haters took things one step and dug up old pictures of stars like Bonang Matheba and Lerato Kganyago without make-up.

But Nomzamo does not care what the haters say and is not ashamed to show her fans the “real” her.


Despite having one of the most beautiful faces in the business, Nomzamo says she hates close-up pictures.

“I usually hate close-up images, but I’ll compromise on this one!” she captioned this picture of herself without make-up.

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I usually hate close-up images but I’ll compromise on this one! 😂 ok, let’s talk SKIN! . For the past couple of months I’ve been using two cleansers and scrubbing once a week and using the new Neutrogena Radiance and Hydro Boost face masks (launching in SA in MARCH) . Reason for two cleansers is I like how the Hydro Boost Gel Cleanser leaves my skin feeling extra clean (I literally pump TWICE into my hand and it lasts for a good three months) and then I follow up with a Gentle cleansing lotion which looks like a lotion and has no scent. This gives my sensitive skin more of a moisturized lasting feel and doesn’t make my skin dry after a wash! I then follow up with the Hydro Boost Serum (launching in SA in MARCH) which has given me THE BEST SKIN EVERRRRRR… soft, supple, hydrated and more youthful looking. Plus AMAZING as a base for make up prep giving me a dewy look. I then moisturize with the Hydro Boost City Shield that has SPF infused so past skin scarring and any uneven problems are minimized and protected from further sun damage! . DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE (tell your partner too lol, no romantic touching of face please!) DURING THE DAY AND PUT GERMS ON IT!!! DO NOT HAVE HAIR (which usually has greasy products) ON YOUR FACE IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN!!!! LEAVE YOUR PIMPLE(S) ALONE! Don’t pop them or attempt to squeeze them. That causes scarring. . If you’re lazy to wash your face in the evenings, which we are all guilty of on some days, the Neutrogena face wipes ARE GOD’s gift to earth! Soooo many swear by them and how amazing they are. . Drink water to keep your skin hydrated and nurtured, especially in dry cities. Joburg, I am side-eyeing you! 😭😩 . Sleep. Rest. De-stress… it goes a long way! HAVE SOME PATIENCE WITH YOUR SKIIIIIIIN !!!! It takes time for the dark spots and acne marks to subside, don’t try a product for one week and then another the next day! Give a product at least 6 weeks to work. . Last but not least… BE KIND TO YOURSELF! Love and embrace your imperfections… flaws and all! Confidence and beauty is from within!

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Jam session

Nomzamo showed off her natural beauty during a jam session on Instagram.

The actress was listening to one of her favourite gospel songs in the video, but we were more mesmerized by her make-up free face.

Spreading goodness

What is Nomzamo’s secret to looking good without make-up? Being happy and spreading love!

“This is the face you make when you remind everyone around you to spread some goodness! Spread some kindness and some cheer… is it working,” she wrote on Instagram.

Casual shopper

While most stars you bump into at the mall have layers of makeup on and look ready for their closeup, Nomzamo likes to give her skin a break.

Her skin routine

Nomzamo gave her Instagram followers a glimpse into her daily skin routine. She says she can’t leave the house without putting sunscreen on her face and does not try to pop face pimples.

“I don’t usually get a lot of breakouts. When I do get breakouts it’s when it’s that time of the month and it’s usually on my chin… don’t touch your pimples. Do not touch your face. Let it go, you are putting germs,” she said.

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