South African celebrities divided over 'resurrection' Prophet Alph Lukau


Prophet Alph Lukau is in hot water after a video of him allegedly raising a man from the dead surfaced over the weekend.

Since the video surfaced over the weekend, but Mzansi never bought into the story.

The video was dissected and taken into shreds for the sham it was. But nonetheless, some celebs pledged their support for the controversial Prophet.

Oros Mampofu who played Jama on Skeem Sam posted a video in which he told his followers that the Prophet took him out of a dark place.

Mampofu said that he’d attended three of Lukau’s sermons. He said he doesn’t know if he really raised people from the dead but he knows that he took him out of a place of depression and anxiety and showed him the light and that there might be a God.

“I don’t if you’ve healed people but I am behind you. I will be at church this Sunday to hear what you have to say,” Mampofu said.

As expected people had some thoughts on Mampofu’s support for the prophet.

Lester Kiewit tweeted “His argument is diluted. I want to be cordial but I just can’t concentrate”

@CoachMash1 tweeted “To me is still seems like his still in that “dark place”. He must just cut the bull. His own parents are pastors, they should have known that their son is in a dark place. He mustn’t come here and tell us sh*t that we didn’t ask”

Other celebs who’ve shown support of Lukau in the past haven’t stayed quiet since the video emerged.

Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede is a known follower of Lukau. On his birthday last year, the actress posted a message that read in part “You continue to be consistent in your vigorous approach to the work of God; it is so inspiring. Thank you for the love and guidance you provide to me”

Other celebs just straight out laughed at the whole thing and called it a sham.

Nimrod Nkosi who plays a Pastor on Moja Loves series Hope, posted a still from the video with the caption “No self-respecting black person can still be watching angabaleki! NEVER”

The Queen Actress Rami “TGom” Chuene, posted on Instagram and said “This man rose from the dead and Black people just stood there? No one fainted and no one ran away? Not one? Who wrote the script? Producer? Director? Both lead actors are pathetic. This level of acting won’t get the #PerformersProtectionAmendmentBillpassed.”

– Daily Sun

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