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Rapper Pitch Black Afro who was arrested for killing his sugar mama wife is living large in jail



HE was once regarded as one of the finest Mzansi rappers but now Pitch Black Afro (40), real name Thulani Ngcobo, is charged with premeditated murder and defeating the ends of justice following the death of his wife, Catherine “Tricia” Modisane (41). In an interview with Move! while awaiting trial in prison, he denies killing his sugar mama wife of 23 years, saying he has been “framed”.


Tricia was found dead on New Year’s Day at a guest house where the couple was staying for the night. Their friends were having a party nearby so the guest house in Yeoville, Johanneburg, was booked out of convenience for the Soweto-based couple. A friend of Pitch Black Afro, who didn’t want to be named, says the Matofotofo hitmaker called to tell him that Tricia had fallen but they didn’t go to the hospital.

“Thulani told me she didn’t think it was a serious thing. She then started bleeding from her mouth and died in the morning after he phoned an ambulance,” the friend says.

Although Pitch Black Afro could not divulge details of the case as it is still in court, he agreed to speak to Move! to tell the public that he has been “framed”. “I’m not a perfect man, but how can I kill my own wife of so many years?” he asks. Pitch Black Afro was arrested and charged with premeditated murder and defeating the ends of justice after a pathologist’s report said that Tricia had been murdered. Colonel Lungelo Dlamini confirms that Tricia was found with bruises on her upper body.


Pitch Black Afro appeared in court recently for a formal bail application, which has been postponed for the third time. Before his appearance he said, “I want to tell my side of the story in court.”

But police maintain that bloody towels were found on the scene of the murder. Pitch Black Afro claims, “The bloody towels the police say they found were planted.”

During the interview happening through thick glass and steel bars, it is hard to get more information about this from him. A family member, who asked to remain anonymous, says, “I love him like a brother but it’s like he has a demon or is possessed when he is drunk and angry.” The family member continues to say he witnessed Pitch Back beating his wife in 2010. “He beat her so badly that his middle finger broke. We were there and tried to stop him,” he explains.


Pitch Black Afro’s hair has been plaited neatly as he awaits trial. Jail isn’t that bad, he tells Move! “This place is something else – there are doctors, lawyers, fraudsters and priests. There’s even a hairdresser who plaited my hair,” he says. “If I stay here too long, I might gain weight because I’m eating too much.”

Even though he compares jail to “a controlled holiday”, he can’t wait to be a free man.

– Move

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